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“I am the expert on me” – el Loco Gringo

Should you trust your doctor?

Well, yes, with reservations. There are two experts in the room during an appointment. One is the doctor. The other is me. I know more about me than everyone else in the world. It is up to me whether to accept dogma or determine how to incorporate the information into my lifestyle. I must keep in mind that drug companies lie. They are protected by the FDA who are stooges of the corrupt politicians. The FDA also defines the prescription of these drugs as “standard medical practice” guaranteeing profits for the drug companies. They lie to the doctors who rely on the information given them. They lie by omission, by obfuscation, by misdirection. Thus the doctor is in a box. On the one hand they must exude confidence and on the other they are misinformed. Drug companies ALWAYS lie. Even if it’s not in their best interest. It’s pathological. It is up to you to help the doctor break out of his box. The following links should scare the shit out of you.

“Recovering from statin poisoning” details my personal experience with this perversion of morality. – el Loco Grino

EastVWest Polymorphism Statins Morning Thunder Colonscopy Mad in America FDA PTSD Lupus ShouldYouTrustYourDoctor? ConfessionsOfADrugRep BigPharm FunctionalMedicine CalmYourMind TexasHealthFreedom ADream AHRP HipocriticOath MilkMafia HOCM

What to do? Dunno



Athletes Heart

Hypertropic Obstructive
Cardio Myopathy


I’d like to talk about a subject that’s near and dear to my heart. In more ways than one. What motivates me is the recent sudden death of a teenage athlete. That’s his picture upper left. This affliction is known as athletes heart because states require an autopsy for deaths occurring on state property (Colleges, High School, Grammer School)

Reggie Garrett, the senior quarterback for West Orange-Stark High School in Orange, Texas, collapsed on the sideline during a game Friday night and later died at a local hospital, according to reports. FanHouse BleacherReport There is a slide show at the bottom of Bleacher Report. Look for “beta blocker”. This is a class of drugs normally prescribed for HOCM.

HOCM is a genetic disorder caused by genotype DD (dominant). It is rare only .5% of the population. The left ventricle closes under stress. Heart There is a simple test to check for this disorder, which is disapproved by the FDA, who feel the 10 seconds required for the test could be better spent pushing pills which generate profit, even though they have known serious side effects. Statins The FDA has a policy known as “approved medical practice”. Doctors who do not follow this policy can be disciplined or even loose their license. Genotype DD comes with a suite of symptoms HOCM, diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension and suseptibility to statins which big Pharm can make money on. The test would bring the condition to light and Big Pharm couldn’t make money by prescribing death causing drugs. So we have a situation in which doctors are forbidden from performing a test which would help and forced to prescribe drugs which will kill. Try to understand what I’m saying here folks. If this is what happened to garrett this is;

1st degree murder is the unlawful killing of another human being with “malice aforethought”.

But why aren’t the directors of Pfizer and the FDA on death row, you may ask? Because the FDA is a private organization, staffed by big pharm, given the power of government by your beloved congress. And we all trust congress don’t we? A suit was brought on this issue. Testemony was not even heard. The case was sumarily dismissed in a manner that precluded future suits. And we all trust lawyers, don’t we?

As to me, at 70, I’m probably the oldest person in the world with known HOCM. They usually die in their teens. The first, and last, symptom of HOCM is death. Of course, it’s hard to tell, the FDA forbids testing for the condition, and we all trust the FDA don’t we? The test amounts to listening to a patient’s heartbeat (Q4) while sitting, then standing. “The Valsalva maneuver decreases preload, which results in decreased filling of the left ventricle.” – Cleveland clinic.

Download HeartSounds desktop demo here> HCM.exe You’ll need the meditron plugin, It’ll prompt.

Here’s a good layman’s booklet in PDF format>HOCM.pdf

That’s a real HOCM scan at the top of the page, by the way.

I would suggest all parents have the Valsalva test performed on their children by a private physician, we all trust government, don’t we?

Simply put, an s4 murmer is indicative of a non compliant ventricular valve.

StatinPoisoning statin susceptability WealthNotWellness StatinDrugAlert DarkSide StatinAnswers HeartSounds

FDA Corruption


Now comes the potential problem. In some instances, the marketing goal of a company dominates the scientific aspect of the company-funded research. There have been a number of high-profile examples of such research irregularities involving for-profit companies, such as the refusal to provide all study data to the study team, reporting only 6 months of data in a trial designed to have 12 months of data as the primary outcome; incomplete reporting of serious adverse events; and concealing clinical trial data showing harm. Full Article

Lupus Logic Fail

logic fail

“Top down thinking is a process of elimination, bottom up thinking is a process of aggregation” – el Loco Gringo

People think backwards.

How anyone could think it possible to discover new concepts using top down thinking baffles me. It is a logic flaw to start from a conclusion and work your way back to the question. How can people think that this is creativity? Top down thinking concentrates on what it ain’t, not what it is. This is why I don’t think of myself as smart, I think of other people as dumb. I was just listening to someone babble on about research he is doing on lupus. According to “experts” lupus can only be contracted by people with 2 X chromosomes, IE women. Why then do men get lupus? His thought process is limited by having a goal IE lupus as a woman’s disease. NO!!! lupus is a condition. The concept of lupus as a disease is bullshit. Let me explain. If you’re going to use top down thinking, at least apply it properly, in a process of elimination.

90% of lupus victims are women. (Not gender related)

60% of lupus victims have the Epson-Barr virus (Epson-Barr doesn’t cause it)

30% of lupus victims have DNA de-methylation (Nope, that’s not it either)

In the best of circumstances you have at least two separate causes

Saying that 90% of lupus victims are women is like a woman being 90% pregnant. NOPE! She is or she ain’t. It’s like the dead cat paradox. You’ve got to open the box and look. Whether the cat is dead or not is not dependent on what I think. It is, or it ain’t, Period, QED, end of story. If I don’t know it’s because I didn’t open the box. And you can’t open the box with with top down thinking. Once you open the box you can say “Yup, the cat’s dead” (or not) then you can use your top down thinking and say “The cat’s dead”. Saying the cat is maybe dead (50%) is a non-starter to me.

What does this mean? It means they are clueless. The concept of lupus is bullshit. It is a word only, made up by pseudo-intellectuals so that they can fool themselves into thinking they know what is happening. It is in the same class as consumption, which basically meant “got sick and died” It did not occur to them that there are a lot of reasons people “got sick and died”. If you want to find out what is happening you start with an individual. She’s got abnormalities a+b+c and has symptoms x+y+z. By cross-correlating abnormalities and symptoms you will reach a point where you know that abnormalities a+c for instance, ALWAYS causes symptoms y+z. NOW you give it a name. Now you can call it a disease. Grumpits, for instance. But lets say that grumpits is only responsible for 20% of the people who exibited symptoms of the now discredited lupus. Well, you’ve got another disease, that once you build up the data you can name. To assume that common symptoms have a common cause is bizarre. When, and if, they do figure out what is going on, it will be in spite of not because of top down thinking. Once you find out THEN you can use top down thinking. There is a term used in computers GIGO, Garbage In, Garbage out. The concept of lupus being a disease is garbage.

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Recovering from Statin Poisoning

Statins are a brain poison with the side effect of lowering cholosterol.  They are sold by pfizer and listed as “accepted medical procedure” by their stooge, the FDA.

Statin (generic name) Brand name(s)
Atorvastatin Lipitor, Torvast
Cerivastatin Lipobay, Baycol
Fluvastatin Lescol
Lovastatin Mevacor, Altocor
Pitavastatin Livalo, Pitava
Pravastatin Pravachol, Selektine, Lipostat
Rosuvastatin Crestor
Simvastatin Zocor, Lipex

Recovery from statin Poisoning can take up to 3 years from cessation of taking the poison. Often misdiagnosed as neuropathy, it causes loss of muscle use and deterioration of mental capabilities culminating in death. High cholesterol was a condition exploited by Pfizer to provide a marketing environment for the newly patented statin drugs. Thinly disguised bribes to congress bought Pfizer protection “in the mafia sense” and established statin drugs as accepted practice for the use of statins to control this “condition” guaranteeing high profits. Pfizer disingenuously points to diabetes as the cause of neuropathy. Short version: Pfizer is lying and congress (and their stooges the FDA) is paid for.

While the statistical data on neuropathy, (obtained by Pfizer) tracks closely with diabetes, it also tracks closer with statin. (you’re talking about the same people) This is, of course, painting with a broad brush.

I will leave the physiology of the condition to people who care about such things. For my purposes I will say the feedback system is fritzed. To do otherwise is to get involved in the mind games of idiots who use a byzantine labyrinth of illogic to obfuscate the fact that they don’t know what they are talking about. The point is mute.

Using reductionist thinking prevents doctors from seeing the big picture, IE proprioceptors and motor neurons are part of the brain. All of us must keep in mind that everything we have been taught is provably wrong, and everything we have learned is true only “as far as we know”. IE, the best answer to date. Statin poison actually attacks the brain.

Symptoms of statin poisoning proceed from tripping through falling, canes, walkers, wheelchairs, bed ridden, paralysis, incontinence, memory loss and eventually resulting in death. It takes many years for these symptoms to become evident, and years to recover once the toxin is flushed out of the system.

As this is part of the autonomic nervous system, the symptoms are not noticed, except in the macro sense. That is, to the brain a non activated proprioceptor feels the same as a fritzed proprioceptor. Giving the illusion that all is OK when it isn’t.  This causes a loss of situational awareness.

The reason that people with this condition fall is not because of balance loss, it is because of fritzed proprioceptors in the feet. The inner ear balance mechanism did not evolve to keep us upright, but to allow us to regulate our speed in running. Ever wonder why our gluteus is so maximus? It is only used in rising from a squat and jogging, We evolved as marathon hunters. These are exactly the abilities we needed on the savannah. We can jog a horse into the ground, it might take us all day, but the horse is dinner. The reason for this is that we have a gravity assist, and are thus much more energy efficient.

Conventional wisdom says we move a foot forward, then transfer our weight. Wrong. What happens is that we fall forward (using gravity) and move our foot out to catch ourselves. The angle of the lean determines the speed. That’s what our inner ear is for.

A new lexicon needs to be developed so as to properly track the progression, and regression of the poisoning. Numb doesn’t get it.

Now to the nitty gritty. Contrary to “expert” opinion the brain is largely an amalgamate mass of neurons which has the ability to self wire. These neurons are randomly associated with various proprioceptors and motor neurons. If it could think at this level, the thoughts would be;

Apply a stimulus to a proprioceptor, “that’s odd, something’s happening down there”, “I’ll see if I can change it” start seeking for a match. Match “AHA, firing this motor neuron changes the proprioceptor input, I’ll wire it permanently.” “Neurons that fire together, wire together”

AWhat is happening in statin poisoning is that this feedback loop is fritzed. (the above mentioned matches have been lost and must be re-discovered) The problem is that in advanced cases, the muscles will atrophy from lack of use. An electronic muscle stimulator and/or physical therapy can alleviate this. (except for internal organs, of course) All affected systems must be retrained. A bowel management regimen may be indicated. Foot rollers can be useful. Walking (with a rollator for safety).

You people need to get your acts together on this thing, you could cure half of these people in wheelchairs by discontinuing statin and encouraging a healthy life style. For the most part, Obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol are symptoms of gluttony and sloth. At present the medical profession is enabling an unhealthy lifestyle.

Of course, there are MUCH better ways to get cholesterol down to normal than “cutting the wires to the doorbell” with some symptom relieving drug.

There are of course exceptions, but for most, if they choose to die on life support so be it. It is, after all, their life to lose. But I’d get a release that they refused treatment.

The first question to ask is “Are you tripping a lot lately? Check for drop foot.

A recent development is the relationship between Genotype DD and statin susceptability


The Rectal Rocket

You may be dreading that Colonoscopy you’ve been scheduled for. Somewhat uncomfortable, embarassing, and loss of dignity.  But they can be fun, certainly a lot more fun than having your asshole rot out.  Just be thankful that they invented the colonoscope. The previous procedure was quite painful.

Just relax and keep your sense of humor.  (Do you really think you can embarrass an enema nurse?)  Whatever you do, however, do not piss her off or she’ll give you a jalapena enema.  Do not draw attention to her studded leather dominitrix getup or pierced eyeball. You just need to remember a few lines. “Ever had anyone explode?” “I’ve never done this before, who goes first, you or me?” “Same time next tuesday?” “Do you recycle that stuff?” “Gettin kinda personal there, ain’t ‘cha lady?” Put the gown on backwards, of course, or tie it up the front and put it on like a sweater. (Loudly)  or “Any body else while I’ve got my pants down?” Or maybe, “where can I get one of these things?” or “you know I really hated that… first”

Barium Enema
Major clue; Contrary to everything I have seen about it, and even from the nurse and doctor, it wasn’t particularly uncomfortable. (except for that damn gown, you ought to advise patients to do without) That tells me my proprioceptors got fritzed by the statin. Also the ones on the bottom of my feet. That’s why my walking is kind of mechanical. no one seems to know much about the topic. Proprioceptive stimulation is the buzzword. a couple of good possibilities are;
The one by Bourdiol seems better. Army studies show a positive effect. The first is a proprioreceptor bowel retraining program for patients with spinal cord injuries. Did you get that video on epigenetics? i’ll bring it in

Also a good site;
ColoRectal – Bowser & Blue   Colonscopy – Lou Rawls

The Joy of Morning Thunder

The Joy of Morning Thunder

by The Break-wind Kid

May the farts be with you

Been eating MRE’s lately? Have your GI/APGDEE’s turned into a puny “vibrato sublimo” instead of the robust “basso profundo” you were so famous for? Are you squeezing off comode crackers or the Hershey© squirts you could shoot through a coffee filter? Relief is in sight. You can get that exit ramp all pink and pretty and puckered up with output you will be proud to show your neighbors or mount on the wall.

1) Eat the proper foods. Start with high fiber foods, oatmeal, fruit, vegetables, Activa are examples. Balance the levels of fiber and water to get the proper output, sausage shaped about 1 inch (2.54 cm), rich chocolaty brown, moist, with no blood.

2) Correct you posture, we evolved to void squatting, The porcelain throne puts a kink in our colon. (This kink is where most colon cancer occurs) Since the neighbors will complain if you go outside, try grabbing your ankles and pull. Or use the Lilipad (link below) Much easier.

3) Establish regularity.  Pick a convenient time to have a BM, and HAVE it. Do not accept excuses. Do whatever it takes. Be consistent. Once you have successfully achieved your goal, you can begin being more adventurous in your diet. Add one item at a time and observe the effect. If it makes you sick or your co-workers start avoiding you, quit eating it. Different foods affect different people differently. Dairy products give some people constipation.

Beans give some people gas (This can be a plus). Enjoy your flatulence in private, some people do not share your enjoyment of the finer things in life. If you are particularly proud of your rips, join the Royal Order of the Blue Flame. Some have ladies auxiliary groups which can provide critiques, training and encouragement. The phrase “morning thunder” comes from the fact that we can’t fart in our sleep, so save them up for morning when they echo through the house.  That’s why they called commodes Thunder Buckets.  Pay attention to your output, one guy had one that looked like Barrak Obama and sold it on ebay for $4700.  Check with your doctor to see if you have GERD.  Don’t know much about it except that it rhymes with turd.  Appropriate somehow.

Caution> Light farts only under the supervision of a professional.  According to Dr. Joesph Testa, farts are flammable because they contain hyrdrogen and sometimes methane. However, lighting a fart is very dangerous business. The Mayo Clinic that says that 1 in 4 people who succesfully light their fart, also incurre serious burns inside the colon. Please fart with care!  If you are one of the rare individuals who considers farting an art form, you may want to contact the Royal Order of the Blue Flame.  It is an international organization which can give you guidance and encouragement.  The Texas A&M chapter even has a ladies auxiliary. Figures!

“There is a difference between a common fart lighter and a member of the Royal Order of the Blue Flame. Technically speaking almost anyone can light a fart but did you know that only 33.3% of the entire worlds population can light a blue fart?”  – ROBF  (Keeper of the Flame) Learn to live with it.  Contact them directly to find the chapter nearest you. I recall a couple of years ago, the case of a guy who sat on the pot, farted, then tossed his cigarette in. It exploded.  That was bad enough, but when the Rescue Team heard what happened, They dropped him down the stairs and he broke his collar bone. Personally, I’ve always considered flatulence an art form. La Petomane would get standing ovations for his performance of the 1812 overture. It is becoming popular again with the new crop of artists such as Mr. Methane,   Fartman, Crazy Farter and The Breakwind Kid. An acolyte group with nationwide chapters has formed “The Royal Order of The Blue Flame”. Ladies are becoming increasingly involved in the sport with some chapters having “ladie’s auxiliaries”. Your local chapter can give encouragement and guidance. Pogi> PassTheGas

RoyalOrderOfTheBlueFlame> Website Facebook Caution> Do not squat on the toilet. The toilet is designed to have your butt weight evenly distributed.  A recent injury resulted from this in Japan when a toilet collapsed under a lady.  The broken toilet cut a 4 inch wide gash 2 feet long in her butt.   Even I consider the picture too gross to put up, so you can imagine how bad it is.  The lillipad is one device designed to allow you to void in a more natural manner.  There are several.    Lillipad

Fartnames is a good site for identifying and categorizing farts.

I know that for most Americans, flatulence causes extreme emotional responses (either embarrassment or laughter). As an anthropologist, I am concerned with human behavior, development, and evolution — and I just love taboo subjects! Farting (ok, let it out . . . the laughter, that is) is a normal, everyday aspect of the human body   XXXicana

Latrina has an excellent bathroom guide for ladies who sprinkle when they tinkle.

Latrina> TwatSquat

Bowel Moves Farts

MRE> Meal Refusing to Exit
GI/APGDEE> Gastro-Intestinal/Atmospheric Pressure Gradient Differential Equalization Event
“There’s more room outside than there is inside”
For further research check out the above manuals

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