Psychology views emotional disorders as “deviance from”. The hitch in the giddyup is deviance from what? You’ve got to have an idea of how a sane mind works before you can even begin to think of “cures”. I pulled the following quote from Sajid Kahn. “This is because under the present mind model it is impossible to define the self within the paradigm of science”Neuroscience has concentrated on the Axon system but they are clueless what the dendrite system does. They know how but not why. Yet you figured out why in ten minutes. “and I don’t need the diagram” . NOBODY ELSE CAN UNDERSTAND THAT. centering tucks in nicely into the ANN model of the mind. My ANN wants info on “recursive thinking”.

Recursion, in mathematics and computer science, is a method of defining functions in which the function being defined is applied within its own definition. The term is also used more generally to describe a process of repeating objects in a self-similar way. For instance, when the surfaces of two mirrors are almost parallel with each other the nested images that occur are a form of infinite recursion.

If the mind is holographic, and it is, a re-inforcing self similar pattern has emerged in (some) emotional disorders. Thats what you’re untangling. It all fits. The mind digitally synthesizes holographic patterns. (see emergence)

When I was adopting my girls, I ran into a N-I who said that emotional problems are environmental problems, you can’t cure the emotional problem without curing the environment. THAT’S WHAT ADOPTION IS!

The MMPI was designed to separate out the high security, and medium security inmates from the general prison population. In my terms they were seperating the assholes from the idiots. The test was not designed by psychologists but by prison officials. THERE WERE NO TARGETED PSYCHOSIS, NEUROSIS ETC. It is what it’s name implies, a general personality profile. Need info on that.

Like 6 blind men being asked to describe an elephant, each can only describe what he feels. (Tail, Ear, Leg, Trunk, Tusk etc.) you can’t get a complete picture of the ANN. It is difficult to accept that there is something in my head that is smarter than I am, (although non-sentient) Accepting this however unleashes the power of the mind. If I can’t understand something, I hand it off to the ANN, in the same way if I don’t know how to spell a word I’ll run a spell check. That doesn’t mean Microsoft Office is sentient. Only that it has a spelling algorithm.

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