The Psychological Mind


Rather than continuing to cast asparagus on psychology as a pseudoscience, I will attempt to treat it as if it had some basis in reality.  I notice that whenever I inform a psychiatrist he’s an idiot, all the love seems to get sucked out of the room.

Problem 1) Psychology seems to attract idiots. It’s like a big idiot magnet. Perhaps it attracts people who think they can fill the hole in their soul with altruism. Perhaps they wanted to score with that chick with the big boobs. Or maybe they felt they could go introspective and gaze into their navel. Who can understand idiots? They have no center. So one ends up with this ridiculous mindless loop of idiots trying to fix idiots. HOW CAN YOU CENTER SOMEONE ELSE IF YOU’RE NOT CENTERED? Sorry, frustration sneaking through. It’s as if it was a prerequisite for Psych 102. “Must be idiot, PSYCH 101, SOC 101, ENGLISH 101 etc.” So when I needed help I reached into this mad hatter deck and pulled out a non-idiot. How did this happen? Was it an admissions error? Was her uncle a dean at the school? Did she accidentally check the idiot instead of the non-idiot box? Or maybe it was on purpose. Is she afraid that the witch doctors association will find out she’s not an idiot and she’ll lose her license?  It’s like reaching in my pocket and pulling out a live purple rhinocerous with purple polka-dots.  I didn’t know such a thing could exist.  On the up side, I haven’t run across any assholes, helping people wouldn’t occur to them.

Problem 2) The model is wrong. There has not been an advance in the understanding of the human mind since, well, since there has been a human mind. Lets go to neutral ground. Say a physical therapist is trying to teach someone to walk. He (or she, Hesh) is given a set of instructions for re-habilitation. Step 1) put left front foot forward. This has no relationship to the problem at hand. An idiot will continue to coax, cajole, plead with the patient to put his left front foot forward. It’s like trying to teach a pig to sing, it’s frustrating as hell and irritates the pig. An un-locked person might try it once before he determines this is bull shit. He will go to the source book on physical therapy, AHA!! The instructions I was given came from page 46 which is for a horse, humans are on page 27. Hesh can then continue with his task with some hope of success. Psychology didn’t just get the wrong page, it got the wrong book.

Problem 3) It doesn’t work, it is overly complicated, devious and ugly. Truth has beauty.

Problem 4) Psycho-analysis. The concept is medieval . It’s looking for spirits, demons or possession. It’s right there in front of you. You’re talking to the problem.

Problem 5) Psychology does not understand the importance of time in the operation of the mind.

Problem 6) Psychology does not understand the illusory nature of perception.

Problem 7) Psychiatry Scarry people, they can shoot you up with dopazene. Maybe that’s where the assholes are.

Problem 8) Psychology is focused on finding what is wrong with the thought process rather than on how to optimized emotional stability.  If you’re a hammer, everything starts looking like nails.

9) The is no room for self in psychology.  Not even an attempt to seek to optimize the person for who HE/SHE is supposed to be.

There is a psychological term, superficiality, which just means someone who deals with the world in a superficial manner.  Oddly, there is no mention of non-superficiality.

The following link explains what is happening well.

“Medical doctors use pathologists to determine illness, psychologists use lawyers.” – John Breeding

The Truth About Psychology Functional Medicine Cooked Books

Mind Time Cognatative Testing Dali Time Mad Psychologist DrB-19 Star Trek DrB-20


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