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“I am the expert on me” – el Loco Gringo

Should you trust your doctor?

Well, yes, with reservations. There are two experts in the room during an appointment. One is the doctor. The other is me. I know more about me than everyone else in the world. It is up to me whether to accept dogma or determine how to incorporate the information into my lifestyle. I must keep in mind that drug companies lie. They are protected by the FDA who are stooges of the corrupt politicians. The FDA also defines the prescription of these drugs as “standard medical practice” guaranteeing profits for the drug companies. They lie to the doctors who rely on the information given them. They lie by omission, by obfuscation, by misdirection. Thus the doctor is in a box. On the one hand they must exude confidence and on the other they are misinformed. Drug companies ALWAYS lie. Even if it’s not in their best interest. It’s pathological. It is up to you to help the doctor break out of his box. The following links should scare the shit out of you.

“Recovering from statin poisoning” details my personal experience with this perversion of morality. – el Loco Grino

EastVWest Polymorphism Statins Morning Thunder Colonscopy Mad in America FDA PTSD Lupus ShouldYouTrustYourDoctor? ConfessionsOfADrugRep BigPharm FunctionalMedicine CalmYourMind TexasHealthFreedom ADream AHRP HipocriticOath MilkMafia HOCM

What to do? Dunno

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