06-Rubber Ruler

The Rubber Ruler

“Something unknown is doing we don’t know what.” – Sir Arthur Eddington

Socrates often said that this inner voice, which many times deterred him from doing one thing, never incited him to do something else.

Well, Yeah, it’s basically a bullshit detector.

Consider Ptolemy; He used the epicycles of his planetary model to compute the dimensions of the universe. He estimated the Sun was at an average distance of 1210 Earth radii while the radius of the sphere of the fixed stars was 20,000 times the radius of the Earth.

It is in the nature of the mind to make sense of the universe. Even if there is no sense there. That is, after all, what differentiates us from animals. His calculations concerning the movement of the planets and stars were ingenious, they were elegant, they were practical, they were wrong. The math is not the physics. I don’t mean to cast asparagus on him, just to point out that he did not have the relevant data to tinker with. He was using a rubber ruler to measure the universe, stretching and twisting it until the observed data fit the theoretical data. The same is true of the dodecahedron envisioned by Plato and the modern day Lisi. These theories have beauty, but they are wrong. Conventional wisdom in physics builds on the concept of the space/time continuum as envisioned by Einstein. This has led to bizarre, convoluted theories of the universe, string theory (actually something there) parallel universes, big bang, dark matter etc. The word “probabilities” is a bullshit trigger. Like saying “half of all children in school are performing below level” and people will pontificate on the profundity of the concept. But you haven’t actually said anything. Until you can say “Is” in place of “Probabilities” it’s bullshit.

Any measurement of the universe that does not take into account the mind is flawed because it is the instrument we use” – Robert Anton Wilson

My experience has shown me that conventional wisdom is ALWAYS wrong. (My bullshit detector goes off) Conventional wisdom only indicates that they are locked into a mental framework that precludes new concepts. They are stupid. And stupid is forever, you can’t fix stupid. Using this criteria, it can be seen that 99% of physical theories are bullshit. They are using a rubber ruler. Lisi is at least thinking outside the box.

Geoff Haselhurst> http://www.spaceandmotion.com/

Milo Wolff> http://www.quantummatter.com/

are unquestionably correct in their vision of the universe, and may have not only “The best answer to date” but “The best answer possible”, considering the indeterminate nature of the frequency domain.

As to visualizations, as the math is not the physics, the word is not the concept. I envision the “cosmic standing wave” as being vibrations, with a rotational component, a beat of 8 and negentropic. If you want an interpretation of reality, look out the window. If you want a perception, that’s hinky. I’ve put together a visualization called the “Big hoochie koochie”. Be sure to play the audio. Find it here> https://ellocogringo.wordpress.com/the-x-files/big-hoochie-koochie/.

As absurd as this is, I challenge ANYONE TO PROVE ME WRONG. And remember, I do not accept math.

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