I’ve been busy putting together my plot, assuming I will be un-available. I had mentioned earlier that I can say “don’t know, don’t care” with alacrity and authority. Actually it will be “don’t care” as I do know. You don’t want to stumble if someone asks you about anti-aliasing filters for instance. You can just say “don’t know, don’t care” that’s walt’s job. (You don’t want to stray off the reservation.) Ask him.

If I become unavailable you will need someone to lateral to. Approach any of the people on the enclosed list with “I am writing a paper on converting the frequency domain to the time domain and back as the method of communication between the brain hemispheres” (no point spilling the beans). Promise to cite them if they send a one page explanation of the fourier transform IN ENGLISH. Shouldn’t be hard to find someone. These guys are the real experts, they do this 8 hours a day. You needn’t be selective, ANY of these guys can pull your chestnuts out of the fire if you get in trouble.

You should however, have a basic understanding, simple enough for a chimpanzee to understand, as, in fact, they do.

In case I don’t see you again, I have included a bunch of reference stuff. Don’t worry about it unless you’re curious. Of extreme importance is a demo java program which converts time to frequency domain. It shows, real time, graphically and interactively the relationship between the time domain and the frequency domain. You can actually watch the input to the right hemisphere (in your minds eye) and it’s conversion to the left hemisphere. That’s all you need to know. It is CRUCIAL that you get this firmly in your head.

On the memory stick is a folder called TOE (theory of everything). In that folder is a folder called fourier. In that folder is a file called directions.htm. Double click on it.

It will come up with a square wave. Turn the sound down on your speakers and click sound, turn them back up to a comfortable level. Click Mag/phase view then log (the real world works in logrithms not decimal) The square wave won’t make much sense so click on sin. The top graph shows a sine wave, the second shows the same data in the frequency domain. You will notice one datum on the frequency domain, a sine wave is pure. Here’s where they are thinking backwards. They are converting the time domain (thinking it is real) into the frequency domain (which really is real) What is really happening is that what we see, is the frequency domain, and what we perceive is the sine wave. THE VECTOR IN THE FREQUENCY DOMAIN IS THE CAUSE NOT THE EFFECT. The sine wave is the mind’s interpretation of the vector. This is all you need to know. However, with this in mind, go to the triangle wave, play with the sliders, poke around and watch how the mind works. Input the vectors one at a time and watch how the mind converts them to do, re, mi, fa, so, la ti, do. And the resulting wave forms. Just play with it and and watch how everything falls into place. It is awesome how the mind works. This is the TOE that 50,000 scientists working for 60 years have not been able to find. Einsteins theories only concerned the physical universe. This is the TOE of TOE’s.

If I had thought of this when I was in the industry, I’d be a gazillionaire now.

I am becoming concerned about the traffic through your email system. Do you have another?

My phone is 205-476-6099 email wjcg@aol.com


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