The Toto Theory

Walter J Gremillion

The wizard of OZ



“Time is just the minds way of keeping everything from happening at once” – el Loco Gringo

TOE – Theory Of Everything

Toto – Dorothy’s dog that pulled back the curtain in the “Wizard of Oz”.

The elusive goal of all physical sciences since Einsteins Theories exploded upon the scientific community. This goal being to tie in gravity with the strong force, weak force and electromagnetic force.

This paper will show the time component of the equations to be false. It will also demonstrate the basis for nirvana and man’s connectedness with the universe.

It will be demonstrated that the mind is doing the equivalent of a inverse Fourier transform so as to present sensory input into a form usable by the mind.

The Fourier, Laplace and other transforms are a series of formulae used to convert real data (time domain) into an imaginary domain (frequency), obtain the answer, and convert it back into the time domain. Obtain the above applet here> Fourier

Consider a triangular wave. It would be virtually impossible to tease out the component frequencies, indeed there may be many possibilities. However, the mere act of converting this into the frequency domain, shows the component frequencies (middle graph). The answer just is. The answer is then converted back into the time domain. Voila

However the concept is backwards, as people are prone to think backwards. Time is an artifact, the same as sound or any other sensory input. IE Sound exists only in our minds, sound is merely our minds way of making sense of vibrations in the 20 to 20000 Hz range. The same with vision where photons impacting the cones and rods are spread out into a spectrum of frequencies so our minds can make sense of it. Sight and sound then are merely interpretations of reality. It follows logically that time, if an artifact, would be handled in the same manner. But what then is time an interpretation of? Time is the minds way of making sense of motion, IE vector + distance, IE frequency domain. It is a shadow of reality. That is why there is more information in the frequency domain. It is reality.

Consider E=MC^2. The C component is the speed of light. Speed = Time/distance. Since time is an artifact the valid C should be vector/distance. Thus the space/time continuum becomes the space/vector continuum, (or more accurately, simply the continuum). Thus it can be argued that distance is also an artifact. IE Our mind’s way of making sense of the frequency domain that is reality.

As to string theory, m theory, the dodecahedron, parallel universes etc., These are merely clumsy attempts at trying to fit reality into an artificial way of thinking. (The scientific method)

So it seems the right hemisphere operates in the frequency domain and the left hemisphere operates in the time domain (artificial). This then is the connectedness to the universe. Bottom up thinking.

“If someone asks the time, you can answer, Now”. – el Loco Gringo

I am using the word photon only to comply with conventional physics

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