More on Grobstein.  Serendip is one of those “nodes” of sanity on the web.  A nexus of intelligence.  This quote is important, what I call finding the p-truth.  What he is saying is that there is no goal that can be sought.  the scientific method starts with a false premise.  The buzz on this guy is highly critical “he does not adhere to the high standards established by the scientific method”  IE he’s not an idiot. actually, this quote makes my point.  The scientific community is composed of, for the most part, idiots.
“It is important to distinguish between becoming less wrong as opposed to becoming right because there is no such thing as becoming “right”. The understanding of this concept in itself is one which impressed me most strongly this semester. One can never be “right” because an hypothesis can never be proven, it can only be disproven or supported.” – Paul Grobstein 
Letters to DrB>Here



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