Spinout, Lockup

I’m beginning to get a handle on what a psychologist would call anxiety and depression. Since these terms have been stripped of meaning by psychobabble, I will use my own spinout and lockup. These are just two levels of the same mental activity. The result of a seemingly unsolvable problem of the victim. It is what happens with a top down thinking fail. TRUTH cannot be found so the mind is frantically searching for p-truth. As I mentioned before, for these p-truths to be accepted as relevant to interfacing with the world by the left mind, a concept must be transferred through the the victims algorithms AND the therapists algorithms to become relevant to survival. The image I get is of an octopus grabbing ANY data which may be even remotely related to the problem at hand and presenting them to the ANN for acceptance (or rejection). But for acceptance to occur a concept must actually be transferred from one person’s mind to another’s, else resolution is not possible. (It is not relevant) Talking to an idiot doesn’t work, nor does talking to a coffee table. The person must be sentient, IE a non-idiot. Lockup occurs when these concepts cannot be resolved, and they won’t be resolved until the concept is communicated. Resolution may and usually does involve discarding the concept so another can be sought. Only then can the victim resume searching for a resolution. The victim must find his own solution, in his own terms to his own problem in a manner which fits in with his coping mechanisms. Replacing his truth with your TRUTH is like throwing a bolder into the stream to correct the turbulence caused by the original stone. I posit that in some cases, Idiot psychologists are driving patients into insanity, who are then shot up with dopazine* and institutionalized. Deep listening, mentioned by Rufus May, is something I intend to explore. A therapist should be a professional friend, someone capable of understanding the victim without injecting his/her own TRUTH. That’s why god invented moms. He/she should pull, not push.

*Dopazine – any of a broad spectrum of psychotropic drugs which turn the victim into a dope.  Also available in generic form as smartacide

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