Le Cadre Noir

Cadre a nucleus or core group, especially of trained personnel able to assume control and to train others

Mission Statement – Become emotionally, spiritually and mentally prepared to lead mankind back from the abyss of a collapse of civilization. Provide resources for skills and supplies needed,

Colony definition – Each colony to be composed of 128 centered (invitation only) and up to 128 idiots. Initially led by one transcendent, 3 nexialists and 124 centered in a skill and interest level mix determined by the transcendent. Adopt the lunar calendar. Each colony must be recursive, IE both self sustaining and capable of integration with other colonies. Political power is to be lateral (and limited) with a weighted vote every 4 years. The vote weight is idiots>, none, citizen> 1, senior citizen> 2, adviser> 3, consul> 4, troika (nexialists)> 5 Troik (transcendent)> majority -1 Nexialists to hold the positions of healer, seer, warrior. The Troik is dictator with a one term limit and works through the Troika. Initially, the warrior class must be ascendent.

Human resources – (based on US population of 300 million) transcendents 210-300, nexialists 21,000, centered 20 million, idiots, 280 million. This would give a MAXIMUM of 28,000 to 52,000 involved. This upper limit must be adhered to. The “centered pretending to be idiots” would be the target.

Implementation – It must be a diffuse organization to avoid attention from the authorities, perhaps with a triad (Tiandihui) security structure. Yet capable of coalescing when the collapse occurs.

Appeal – This would allow the “centered pretending to be idiots” a place to be sane in, maintain their individuation and satisfy their need to “do something” about what they see as a rapidly deteriorating situation.

Aim – To set the tone for the future. Avoid the recreation of this hijacked culture.

This is doable in the time window available. If interested, I will flesh it out. Keep this private for the moment. It’s not what I want, but what is possible. It’s going to get ugly. Later Walt


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