14-The Deceived Mind




A central question in my mind has always been “How did belief come to replace truth?” How did unsubstantiated data and illogic come to be used in the decision making process? In my view the majority of mankind is either stupid (reject data) or crazy (reject logic) to the detriment of the individual and society as a whole.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, / When first we practice to deceive!”

How can anyone think that there is anything but a superficial difference between Republicans and Democrats? How can anyone think that the dollar is money? How can anyone think that capitalism is necessary? How can anyone think that democracy works? How can anyone think that men and women aren’t different? How can anyone think that justice is just? How can anyone not think that evolution has merit?

Is there a god? Dunno. I hope so. If there is, there is no evidence that he cares one way or another about mankind. Is there a devil? Nope, there is plenty of evil inherent in mankind to account for all the evil in the world. If there is a god, which one? If born in the west, it would be Jesus, If born in the Mideast it would be Allah. If born in India it would be Lord Shiva. The secular religions of the orient do have some merit, Tao, Zen, Buddhism, Veda, Confucius. The “true” god is an accident of birth. How can someone not understand that it is a requirement of their faith that god adhere to their beliefs? In which case, he’s not god. Mankind created god in their own image and imbued him with their own beliefs.

The basic answer comes down to deceit. It can be imprinting, indoctrinating children at an early age, religion for instance, or obfuscation, hiding the truth in bizarre labyrinths of illogic,

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