01-Centering 1

Centering 1

“A centered persons thoughts are governed by HIS truth.”

“An uncentered persons thoughts are governed by SOMEONE ELSES  truth.” – el Loco Gringo

Up until now I’ve be talking about centering as if it were something to be attained.  Let’s step back and look at it from a different perspective.   Everyone was born centered, un-locked, whole brain humans.  A person who does not have these qualities is limited in cognitive ability.  He has been limited by his environment.  I will now address what centering is, not how you re-acquire it.  It is a set of default conditions that is always OK.  It is always OK to be truthful.  It is always OK to be honest.  It is always OK to be caring.  It is always OK to be loving. etc.

Thus the person who is centered has a much simpler life.  He has much simpler algorithms, he doesn’t have to remember what he told to whom, or if anyone is watching him.  He doesn’t have to synthesize emotion, or caring.   He has a fallback system that takes care of all that.  New concepts don’t threaten him because they don’t require re-adjusting the algorithms.   They are deep and open.

An un-centered person, on the other hand has to synthesize emotions, caring, and centering.  This is very complicated.  They have to pretend they understand, and memorize the concept rather than the much simpler process of understanding it. They are shallow and closed..

View it as a parallel algorithm to all the other algorithms.  Any action is OK IF it doesn’t trigger the centering algorithm. Or, any action is questionable if it does.  This would be a very simple algorithm hooked into the others by the equivalent of a NAND gate.

To an un-centered person this is a BIG problem.  He’s not sure what internalizing means since he doesn’t have an internal to internalize it into.  He’s hollow.  This is the abyss.  He has to fake it and he can’t.  He’s a golem.  A superficialist.  A one dimensional person.  A second hander. A zombie.  A walking caricature of a human.

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