Found another one, or rather he found me. The website is bearing fruit. I had related to him having encountered a non-idiot psychologist and informing her she was not an idiot. This is his response;

I relate to the psychologist you

encountered, and her answer to your statement.


Two words, two syllables, unwavering, and to the point.

No needless middle ground to trudge across prior to arrival.


A rare individual indeed.

And probably excels in her field yielding

actual assistance towards her clients.


I also like your Blessed/Cursed, Gift/Burden analogy. 


I’ve a good touch of the same situation.

Often rewarding. Often not.

And at times being enlightened, intrigued,

frustrated and disappointed all in

one brief emotional moment.


Character variation in people are a constant it seems. 


Thought you might be interested. He saw the same thing I did. Also quite adept at communicating. Succinctly and cogently. That was also my evaluation.  He also alludes to the same problems I have in communicating with idiots.  Words, words, meaningless words.  Probing for a weak spot in the blocks, illogic, taboos, biases that I can sneak a concept past.  I gave up. You can’t fix dumb. Dumb is forever.  I have never been able to communicate with an idiot on other than a superficial level.

BTW Did you know that one of the symptoms of Bi-polar Manic Depression is that they will often build up entire disciplines to support their delusional views of reality. Lock em up and shoot em up with dopazine. I have been hiding my whole life. You have no idea how liberating it is to know that any attempt at capture will kill me. It is my “get out of jail free” card.  el Loco Gringo has served me well.  Maybe you could forward this to that guy you’re reading about problems of the gifted.  Bet he doesn’t have this one.  Had Einstein been found by a psychiatrist instead of the government, he would have died in a padded room in restraints.  It is barbaric.


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