That guy (Francis Heylighen) in the last email is using bottom up logic to prepare his paper, ie he is gathering facts before proposing an answer.  (He’s gathered some good data there) As i mentioned, i have met only 3 or 4 other people like me in my life and gave a WAG of <1%.  he gives a more definitive figure of .05-.07%.  this works out to 21,000 in the US.  He skipped over transcendent.  a small percentage of this figure (<1% WAG) are transcendent. that makes <210 in the US.  the iq figures he uses are questionable, a person with an iq of 100 may have more SNAP (Synchronous Neural Access Potential) than one with an iq of 150.  it is rare that i disagree with only one or two areas in a paper, this is one of those rarities.  This is a “mini-truth” that is valid as a building block towards understanding.  Usually i can pick out only one or two useful datum from a paper, if that.  From my perspective, picture living in a world populated by people with an iq of 70.  that’s what i’m dealing with.   everyone has this marvelous instrument in their skulls, and they’re wasting it.  i’m drowning in a sea of mediocrity.  stupid people with no direction, no morals, no curiosity, no ethics, no aspirations, no vision, blindly stumbling around like automatons living their meaningless lives in an ant warren. idiots, idiots all. i’m stepping on someones toes with my website, i’ll show you monday. walt

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