Minor Miracles

 A minor miracle is a small token that can be given to someone to improve their outlook on life. Usually best left open.


Thank you for serving medal

At the VA in Durham, I was seated next to a woman who lost her leg in Iraq.

How did you lose your leg?”

It was an IED”

How did a contraceptive device cause you to lose your leg? Didn’t you read the instructions?”

pause …”Not IUD, IED, improvised explosive device”

This place is depressing, I didn’t expect a hero’s parade but…”

You’re my hero”

I went down the row of vets asking for volunteers for a parade. I had three before she stopped me.

Stop, you’re embarrassing me” but she was laughing.

During the adoption proceedings I had to go to one of the myriad psychologists required by the state. The appointments got tangled up and one of the patients was there to see the same psychologist. She had some kind of neurological degenerative disorder and the other people in the room were treating her like a pile of dog shit, something to actively ignore. I started talking to her and she told me about her dog. I went to Wal-Mart and got a stuffed dog close to what I remembered of her description. I left it with the receptionist with instructions to give it to her but not say from who. The Psychologist told me she brought it to every meeting. That’s what leaving it open will do.

Why cannot a therapist, (or anyone at the VAMC) begin the first session with something like “Before we start I’d like to thank you for protecting my freedom. Now, how may I help YOU?” Because it comes out of the wrong basket!!! Thats all an M&M is, a simple gesture with profound consequences.

It doesn’t take much, That’s going sideways, A random act of kindness.

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