16-The Man who isn’t there

The man that isn’t there

I was quite taken with the serenity and peace of the Japanese. A civil stable society, with an odd undercurrent of anime porn. Outside of Japan, however, they became boorish. Feng Shui Fooie! Even the Visigoths wouldn’t have had them over. On the other hand the English can be very rowdy at home yet quite civil overseas. Comparing these two cultures we see that the Japanese are bottom up and the English are top down. Opposite reactions to opposite imprinting? How odd.

Hikikomori – According to Michael Zielenziger‘s book, Shutting out the Sun: How Japan Created its Own Lost Generation, the syndrome is more closely related to PTSD. The author claimed that the hikikomori interviewed for the book had discovered independent thinking and a sense of self that the current Japanese environment could not accommodate. (1 million adolescents in Japan)

School Refusal – Approximately 1 to 5% of school-aged children have school refusal, (England)

My, this would make an interesting comparative study. Top down and bottom up opting out? I notice the same thing in the US, as increasing numbers of young men opt out of the system. 50 years ago it was rare to see a professional woman. It is becoming increasingly rare to see a professional man. What, exactly, is going on here?

Simplistic answers are easy to come by. A recent study shows 60% of male undergrads have no intention of marriage, viewing it as drawing a “go straight to jail” card, putting themselves at high risk of spending their life in poverty while paying for the rearing of someone else’s child. (cucoldry, the 5th horseman of the apocolypse) The thought of working at Burger King, riding a Harley, and sleeping with a different woman every night seems appealing. They would certainly have more money and sex.

Or consider there is no place for a man to be a male. Front line combat has become the preferred assignment in the military, it is the one arena women are not allowed to serve. I noticed this myself when I signed up for an aquabatics program. Sponsered by the VA it was hosted at YMCAs. At my first session I was greeted by 15 or so hippotomii, the smallest of which was a petite 300+ lbs. Every time one of them got in the pool, it overflowed. I was afraid to get in, one of them might step on me. I feigned an inability to get down the steps, and was informed of another YMCA that had a handicapped lift. I checked it out first before I put on the trunks. As I wheeled past the day care center in pastel tones I noticed that there were no men. (why is it called the Young Men’s Christian Association?) This class had one man (or a bald woman) at the far end of the pool. I passed.

Or consider the heavy discrimination endured by men.

A lack of social cohesion, crime, poverty, a general anomie in society.

Women used to be such magical creatures, with a delightful and insightful viewpoint. What happened?

I think the problem is more fundamental than this, Charlie Chimp has been time warped into the 21st century. The paleolithic survival skills can no longer cope with a savannah which has become a mysterious minefield with capricious explosions all around.

Fuck it, I’m outta here, the jungles safer”.

Charlie has left the reservation and gone on the warpath. OPL walt



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