09-Gold Rush

The Great Gold Rush of 2010

“One must not forget that central banks are simply government-sanctioned tools of the elite to debase and manipulate the currency in an orderly and politically-expedient manner, regardless of their claims to maintain “political independence.” The simple truth is that the central banks were designed to control the “money power” which eventually MUST and WILL BE returned to us.”


 Ain’t the above chart interesting? Notice that oil and gold prices are inversely proportional. See the difference? That’s what they’re STEALING FROM YOU!!! Notice the swapover in Aug 2007? That’s the money pump. They finished the down stroke and started the up stroke.

 Look for gold prices to spike to $1500, then they will swapover to the downstroke. Up and down, republican, democrat, republican, democrat, the never ending swindle on the suckers. (that’s you)

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