Post Coporeal Stress Disorder


Following up on the seminal work done by the Chinese Government agency Peoples Social Harmony Through Execution giving rise to the Jiang Shi. Pfizer has managed to capitalize on the tragedy in Hati. Having successfully medicalized emotional problems in the US The psychotropic drug industry began seeing it’s profits plateau from the previously exponentially rising curve.

Even though it’s present program “Exporting Insanity” is beginning to bear fruit, the visionary CEO saw opportunity in the Haiti disaster. “Never let a good tragedy go to waste” he announced at a press conference today, revealing the successful field trials of a new class of psychotropic drugs called Voodide, similar to Zombide, a re-animation drug developed in the former Soviet Union, that had the undesirable side effect of giving the patient the taste for human brains. It will be interesting to watch in the coming years which sociological view will prevail. The profit orientated voodide, the godless heathen Zombide or the crude but effective yellow horde “Peoples Social Harmony Through Execution. “ Whichever view prevails it is certain that the venture will be profitable for the psychotropic drug industry. It’s a whole new kind of crazy,


1.The Voodoo Zombie which is a living human who has lost it’s free will.

2.The Viral Zombie which is a reanimated (usually human) corpse that has been brought back to life.
2.The Chinese Zombie which is a supernatural/spiritual being with a yellow piece of paper on its forehead, capable of moving very quickly, and jumping very far or flying.


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