04-The Gift


The Gift – Awareness

You had asked why I didn’t do this. I answered “I can’t, I’m el Loco Gringo”. That much is true, it’s not el Loco Gringo’s way. But that’s a trite answer. The second answer is that it would not be a gift, IE it would not be open. Only in that way can I assure that I do the right thing, for the right reason, at the right time. This is too important to allow self edification to enter the equation. The messenger is not important, the gift is important. My name would detract from the validity of the paper. The time/vector thing is also a gift, a mini-gift. A gift to me. A quick gift with irrefutable research to back it up. It is bullet proof. It is unassailable. It is teflon coated. It has “beauty”. All the research has already been done. Where could you find more important source to cite than Einstein? Had there been an internet, or had he known about the Fourier transform, he would have had his TOE 70 years ago. It will give instant gravitas. It is not the important gift, but a means to achieve the major gift. And it allows for the possibility that I may live long enough to see the first part of the gift come to fruition. This will alter the way man perceives himself, society, the universe and the interconnectedness. The major gift is awareness. What Jill Bolte Taylor describes as the “overwhelming nirvana”, The entire universe. However, it is overwhelming only in that she had never been there before, and didn’t have the mental framework to deal with it. This framework is bottom up thinking, which will allow her to make sense of it all. It is her entire existence happening at once. Her mind went to plan “b” which was the only plan available after her left hemisphere was disabled. Top down thinking was not an available option. In the el Loco Gringo folder is a video, waters of March. Watch it. Then imagine it all happening at once. That is what time is for.

Evolution/God has given man a gift, all wrapped up in paper and ribbons.  Man has thrown away the gift and is playing with the pretty ribbon and paper.

Waters of March

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