The Real Nitty Gritty

Mr Ted 06/04/10

The real nitty gritty
on communication

In response to Mr. Ted on communication

It all comes together. eLG came through again. I have a plan.

Now we get down to the real nitty gritty>

You are a parallel/serial thinker, I am a top down/bottom up thinker. (they’re different, I didn’t realize that before, must be Amerind worldview, doesn’t matter.)

The problem is that parallel or bottom up thinking requires that several concepts be kept in the mind at one time. An idiot can’t do that. Time to put that pathfinder mode you have to work.

On the introduction you’ve got 7 seconds to to capture the attention of the audience, (trust me on this) after that you’ve lost them. So………. If you start with a perfectly valid concept wrapped in “crazy”, (to keep the idiots away) think big hoochie koochie, you can capture the attention of the centered. That is your target audience. About 20% (centered = pretending to be idiots). Remember 7 seconds. The crazy will kick a centered’s thought process into bottom up mode, an idiot can’t get past the “crazy”. If you have only 7 seconds, what concept do you wish to convey? If you can convey this one concept they will accept the rest in a “receptive” mode. Something like “when reality is differentiated and re-integrated what is left is a whole that is less than WHOLE. And end with “it ain’t real”. I’m not good at this pathfinder mode so that part is up to you. If it helps, the image I get is of a pearl necklace, open, hanging. So, assuming you’ve transferred the first concept, what is the second, and the third….etc?

Just got this from Mr. Jonothan.

Hi Walt,

I like your site.  It reminds me of a crazy old man, who was right all along.

The right way way of living, is the right way of living.

It’s true, dementia occurs in those that who do not use their brains.  The brain says “well, your not using me any more”, so starts shutting down components to use energy elsewhere.

Are you currently living as a freeman?



This will work.

walt and el Loco Gringo  (WALTER)


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