12-Know Nothing


Bottom Up thinking,

the know nothing mode

I know nothing” – Schultz, Hogan’s Heros

We are talking past each other. As I have mentioned, my mind works differently from most people’s. I am capable of bottom up thinking real time. Consider the Protohuman “Charlie Chimp” in the paleolithic, considering whether he should bonk Polly protohuman. Using top down thinking the answer comes out in a simplified, non-nuanced yes or no. However, As Charlie hasn’t had the social imprinting to fuck up his mind, he can use another logic method. Bottom up, a weighted Boolean network with possibilities of yes, no, or maybe. The weighting aspect is an aggregate and accumulative bias. Most simply explained by the logic tree “The last time I bonked Polly protohuman, how many times did the alpha male hit me, and how hard?” Charlie compares the bottom up and top down logic and makes a decision on whether his genetic heritage will be carried on through Polly. Very useful as a bullshit detector. “Is what this guy babbling about consistent with my previous experience?” From an assholes point of view, this bullshit detector must be turned off so as to brainwash the idiot. Painting with a broad brush, “education put the sub in subconscious”, was preceded by “religion put the sub in subconscious” preceded by “the alpha male put the sub in subconscious”. (I have a fear that if I talk like an idiot I may start thinking like one.)

Moving right along, when my bullshit detector goes off, I discard ALL logic and view input as data only until the issue is resolved. I have discarded all physics as speculation. It doesn’t even pass the “could be” test. It’s bullshit. Godel’s model has less bullshit than most, but it’s still bullshit. (I suspect that he may understand what he’s saying and is trying to communicate with idiots). All of his twisted logic and convoluted math doesn’t prove or disprove anything. All he has done is twist and stretch the rubber ruler till it matches observed data. My observation on this matter has been that knowledge is inversely proportional to understanding. “Stupid may be catching” – el Loco Gringo

From an egocentric point of view, the disjuncture occurs inside the skull, this difference between a perception of reality and the interpretation of same. As far as I can see, the vast majority of speculation on the output side is bullshit. On the input side all I have to work with is a filtered perception. This filtered perception leads me to conclude that it has a rotational aspect (perceived) and has a beat of 8 (is recursive with a harmonic of 8) That it is vibrations and is negentropic seems too obvious to discuss. There is overwhelming evidence that it is and nothing but “common sense” that says it isn’t. I am shocked that you consider “rotating vectors” a notion. Granted it’s a kludge, but it’s the best kludge available (to date) The entire industrialized civilization is built around this kludge. By filtered I mean that we do not have input across the entire spectrum. For instance, you turn on a radio and music comes out. There is obviously something invisible happening. Depending on one’s world view, this could be interpreted as magic, god, nirvana, whatever. (Actually I kind of like the idea of god, if there is one there is no evidence he gives a shit about man, one way or the other) If the universe is harmonic vibrations, it logically follows that time, color, touch, and sound are the minds way of making sense of motion, (time) non-motion, (touch) vibrations in the 20-20khz range (sound) and 300-700Thz. (color)

Why do you make it so complicated? Why do you quote people who are obviously wrong, (although they may have some insight) What exactly do you think I don’t understand about your cellular (or fluid mechanics, or wave analogies)? You keep saying the same thing from different angles and perspectives. It’s like the Coanda effect. Every one uses it but no one understands it. It should be obvious once it is pointed out, but it isn’t to most people. Why? You are either very smart or have the most sophisticated algorithm I’ve run across. Certainly more sophisticated than any of your contemporaries. Your logic is valid and your data is relevant (if redundant) (one page limit) later walt

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