Temporal displacement

December has become indeterminate. As if I forgot the future. 2010 is gone. Peculiar feeling. My subconscious (I hate that word, it sounds so medieval) keeps throwing up flags. None of them make sense. A square root symbol reversed left to right. A verbal admonition to “sit down with the lady and she will open her bag of lilbs (sic)”, the song “time keeps on slipping into the future (Steven Miller)”, a drawer full of 3X5 cards with writing on them. A Rolodex. A car coat with a pile lining with the sleeves attached in back in a manner that allows pass-through.

Inverse Square root – Stock market collapse, maybe? Not a crash I expect that after a dismal Christmas season. Maybe ETF default? Damn, I hope not. It is possible though.

Sit down with lady – you’re the only lady I know, you don’t have a bag of lilbs in your drawer do you? I actually looked it up on the internet. It’s a hip-hop group their only song is “we can go down alright”. Possible link but how would I know that? I hate hip hop. But then again, how would I know about the baculum, or the lunar calendar, or the 12 commandments? Need to look into that if I have time.

Lilbs>We Can go down alright   Steve Miller>Time Keeps Slipping

3X5 cards – Needs Data????? OK

Rolodex – Needs Names????? OK

Car coat – 2, first without pile, then with. Gonna get cold, then real cold? Protect yourself? Sleeves – Transition? Passage? Nothing you can do about it, but you’ll pass through. That’s it.

I have no reason to think I am going to die, but having died once it doesn’t frighten me. I always knew that I wouldn’t care after I was dead, but now I understand it. That’s different. Somehow. Unavailable is the correct word.

The regroup trigger point I set has activated and the bridgehead is in place. The sense of urgency has dissipated. That’s something that bears looking into if I have time. A protection against spinout. That’s the unseen danger in bottom up thinking, it’s possible to spinout. And I’ve done it once.

I feel that I ignore my “hunches” to my own peril. The time artifact paper is in the bag. If I become “unavailable” contact some of those numbers I gave you. The people who signed my references first, then the names on the lists, then the geophysical companies directly. That way you can stay entirely within psychology. ANY of these people can pull your chestnuts out of the fire. Should be a Nobel

I will outline a dozen papers, the ANN being the most important. Major premise, the mind is functionally a self programming mass of neurons. Minor premise the ANN is how it does it. If you get in trouble collaborate with Jill Bolte Taylor. Push the “gift” idea. Should be another Nobel

Maybe I can get one or two more.

Bipolar manic/depression is just an idiot’s way of saying genius” – el Loco Gringo

Letters to DrB>Here



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