04-Bullshit Detector

bullshit1The Bullshit Detector

“Bottom up thinking is real good at figuring out what’s wrong, but not so good at figuring out what’s right” – el Loco Gringo

Hinky> Something as yet undefinable is wrong, out of place; not quite right.

The right hemisphere is the bullshit detector.  As I have mentioned before, the right hemisphere evaluates the input along with the left hemisphere.  If the result is hinky, the bullshit detector goes off.  The wire to this alarm has been cut in most people.

I’ve covered bullshit pretty well in The Deceived Mind, but the below link is interesting.  Before you check, some of my pages are flagged.  I would remind you that it’s pretty hard pointing out how people are being bullshitted without triggering a bullshit detector.


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