You used the word gatekeeper. Dan Bagley did a dissertation on it. (I looked it up) I could only read one page without buying it. I did however find a video describing it. If the video is accurate, he is only kind of right. It’s true if you’re talking about an idiot. The lattice is an imprint on the right hemisphere which blocks unapproved concepts. Getting into the right hemisphere through the left hemisphere is circuitous, but possible.

During the formative years beliefs are presented as and accepted as fact. This is forever. I think that the nirvana the yoga people talk about is, in most people, largely mental masturbation. They access the right hemisphere directly and are in a mind that has been starved by sensory deprivation. (see Jill bolte’s description of it) (Don’t need to publish this)

In many cultures the male children are removed from the parents at an early age to facilitate this imprinting. Moslem cultures for instance.

I’ll use the example of Sparta, only because it is the best documented. The whole culture was orientated for war. Abnormal infants were killed at birth. Males were separated after being weaned. Death in training was considered necessary to weed out the unfit. This imprint was PERMANENT. This is why 300 men were able to hold off the Persians at Thermopylae. Women were soldier making machines. The only people worthy of the honor of a burial were soldiers who died in battle and women who died in childbirth. This is what is happening to our children. This is what is so discouraging about our society, you can’t fix stupid. If education must mutilate the children, scar their faces or something, don’t mess with their minds. If you were a psychologist for the Spartan military you’d starve.

Contrast Sparta imprinting with what our GI’s go through in boot camp. This is an overlay only, which is why you have customers. I’m not going to speculate on what type of problems they have, but Theosophy’s “soul retrieval” therapy (shamanic) sounds real good.

“Whatever the case, its important to celebrate the return of your vital essence back to where it belongs – in the same way we would celebrate the return of a long lost loved one.”

In any case, I can’t use the word, shame, excellent word otherwise.

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  • TheWhiteREabbot  On May 21, 2016 at 12:05 pm

    ThenWhothenConcealsthepeiceofmindworthyof vulnarableconception best pasted together in a glasscase- nine lives- in the underfiltch tenpeice?

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