comment: I’m afraid you have seriously underestimated the stupidity of man.  I snapped to the weirdness of the space/time continuum concept in highschool.  By the time I was 19 I figured out that matter was composed of waves.  Most if not all, physicists know this.  Yet they continue to try to fit reality into their preconceived notion of what reality is, coming up with ridiculous illogic like string theory, membrane theory, dudecohedron TOE etc.  There has not been an advance in understanding the universe since pythagoras.  I have been trying to communicate this for 40 years to no avail.  I find that once I call someone an idiot all the ambiance gets sucked out of the room.  (I’m kind of obnoxious by nature)Even big AL only used math to demonstrate how it worked.  BUT THE MATH IS NOT THE PHYSICS. If the math and reality disagree, the math is wrong, not reality.  Space and time are merely the shadows of reality spoken of in plato’s cave.  The C component of E=MC^2 is wrong if there is no space or time.  I ran into a non-idiot psychologist and am at present working on a paper concerning this from a different perspective.  The real problem is getting it past the idiots.  It is just so damn obvious I can’t see why a plumber can’t see it, much less a physicist.  el Loco Gringo, Nexialist.

name: Walter Gremillion
email: wjcg@aol.com
url: http%3A%2F%2Fwww.spaceandmotion.com%2Fscience-physics-wsm-wave-diagrams.htm

Hello Walter,

 Well I comletely agree about the stupidity of man!!!

 It seems to me that E=wavelength squared.

 I have children – I would like them to survive – the only hope is truth and reality.

 So do you have any suggestions??

 Yes, I find it very frustrating. I now have a website that gets half a million page views each week – yet seems to achieve nothing. People just don’t get it – and it is bloody obvious!

 Humans are stupid programmed machines – and they need correct programming. But it is catch 22 as their current programming prevents them seeing the truth.



Well, I’m approaching this with the query of “why are people dumb?”  You and I are Nexialists, Maslow called them transcendents.  (Nexialist:- One skilled in the science of joining together in an orderly fashion the knowledge of one field of learning with that of other fields.) van Vogt  I’ve just started a website on the matter ellocogringo dot wordpress dot com.  But, like yours, when trying to explain something very simple to idiots it explodes into words.  For instance the simple concept of “Time is just the minds way of keeping everything from happening at once”  explodes into meaningless babble when trying to explain it to an idiot.  Similar to explaining to a blind person that the sky is blue.  You and I can just look out the window and say “yup, it’s blue”. It explodes into astronomy, physics, math, cosmology, quantum mechanics, optics, perception etc.  “The “Sky is blue” gets obfuscated by the volume of BS.  Back later   walt


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