The Greedy Mind



“In an age characterized by the death of trust we find comfort in being able to blame everyone. It is entirely reasonable that thousands will protest, hopefully peacefully, against bankers who stuck their noses in the trough, regulators who turned away and governments who kept smiling as the tax take grew. The truth is they could just as easily protest against themselves for blindly succumbing to this leveraged society. We must now clear up the mess. Amid all the experts who failed to call this disaster, only one got it right. It was Bob Dylan, who said: “Money doesn’t talk. It swears.” -Bob Geldof

Why does no one see that everytime there is a change in political power There is another “bailout” of one form or another? S&L, .com, Banking.  Vast sums of money get sucked out of the economy and transfered to the elite.  EVERY SINGLE TIME.

“Gold is money, everywhere, allways.” – el Loco Gringo

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