“We all have concepts that we believe to be true.  For instance, most of us have heard and believe as   factual that ”the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.”  Likewise, that the sum of “1 +   1 = 2 ” is a premise upon which virtually all of us would agree.  These concepts are at the core of our individual and collective belief systems, serving as building blocks    upon which we mold more complex, future beliefs.  Much like building a house, our most elemental   beliefs are deployed in the foundation of our belief system abode.  As our belief structure rises, we  utilize these more fundamental beliefs in the fabrication of the compound and complex beliefs from  which the upper floors are constructed.     It is no surprise that once one adopts a point of view, he doggedly maintains its accuracy, even when   presented with evidence to the contrary.  This is particularly true of political and religious convictions,  and the reason for the common admonishment not to argue about these subjects in polite company  It  is the unusual individual who challenges commonly-held beliefs and, in so doing, establishes the  foundation upon which to construct a new belief system.  And so, as you consider the problems and   options of today, challenge your beliefs, even those that you hold most deeply. “
For myself, I don’t believe in belief. 

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