Hi Geoff

Checked out Milo Wolff. He’s right on the money as far as I can see. He’s got some broken links. When he says “eightfold way of the universe” is he speaking of what I call “beat of eight”? If so, I agree totally. Bear in mind that my interest in this is peripheral. IE why can’t everybody see this? (I know why) Also he doesn’t mention the negentropic nature of the universe. (why do we need so many words to say this?)

 “The Eightfold Way of the Universe”.

By the way, I use learn as a transitive verb. “I’m going to learn you something.” I present the data, answer questions, ask questions. This is in contrast to teaching where my beliefs are presented as fact. The schools today are teaching the students, not learning them. It’s what I call the lattice, looking at the world through a lattice fence. It’s one of the ways to make people stupid.

Keeping in mind that the visualition of the standing wave shown on your website is only a 3 dimensional representation of a 2 dimensional process, whereas in reality it is actually a 3 dimensional process, it’s quite accurate. If you’ll give me a call I can show you what the perception of the universe looks like inside the skull. Words take too much time. Also I’ll show you the beat of eight, (or eightfold way of the universe). 205-476-6099 walt


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