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“Education put the sub in subconscious” – el Loco Gringo

When considering what is happening in the mind, it is necessary to consider everything that is happening to the mind which is everything. I have tried to organize this into some kind of order. In general, start with overview> prologue and keep hitting the next after going through the links at the bottom of the page, in order. Things don’t fit neatly into baskets, like the scientific method would have you believe. Red links are external, close window to return. Blue links are internal, hit back arrow to return.

This link is essential to understanding what is going on inside the skull. Basically the brain is a self programming amorphous mass of neurons. (at least a rat brain)


This is as close to a summary as I’m going to get. The major premise of this paper is; “The mind does not need to be “enhanced” so much as be un-crippled and returned to it’s natural state”. The minor premise is; “the mind can be “un-locked” from the cage imposed by society, ideology, religion, education, upbringing etc”. The conclusion is; “We can become who we are supposed to be and not who someone else wants us to be”. The paper is presented in random order (that is. after all, the way we “think”) If the topic seems to be drivel, or too complex, just skip it for the moment. (you’ll be back). many of the topics are only cursorily mentioned, (They’ve been so done). TM, self-help, spirituality, whole brain, synergy are only pieces of the puzzle.

The present psychological view of the mind is one of the chief impediments to understanding the mind. Discard it in it’s entirety. It is Paleolithic in nature. Almost everything in this paper is counter-intuitive and un-scientific. Sorry, the scientific method does not work on an indeterminate problem. Applying the scientific method to an indeterminate problem yields the nonsense of psychology. Once you can see the blue sky, turn your thoughts inward and ponder your own thought processes.

“Brain imaging studies seem so simple and elegant: Hook someone up to a functional MRI (fMRI) machine, which measures blood flow; see which parts of the brain light up; and identify regions associated with love, rejection, etc. But in a forthcoming paper [pdf], psychologist Hal Pashler of the University of California at San Diego and his colleagues challenge the validity of broad claims that come from these studies. The authors charge that shoddy statistics and noisy measurements are leading to gross overestimations of the correlation between brain activity and emotions.” – Discover They are exactly right, to a person who can see the blue sky, however, this is obvious without the math.


Some of the other impediments to awareness are;

The Blind Spot Afflicts 99.953% of the population. An extiction maker.

The Lattice – Block on constructivist thinking. Imposed by education to force conformist thinking.

The Taboo – on pride. Imposed by religion and upbringing. Imposes subservience.

Centering – has been disrupted by the efforts of others to control us

Misogyny – Discourages “woman think”

This paper will show the logical structure of the mind, and how it can be unlocked. Watch the included video link. Once you understand the basic nature of the mind. You can continue. Else, go read a comic book. Might as well get rid of the idiots early on. What you should get out of this is that the mind is a self programming amorphous mass of neurons. (a rats mind anyway)

Think of it as a sentient computer, blind, deaf, dumb lacking in any input except the data received through me. In a sense I am it’s avatar. It’s way of dealing with the world. It doesn’t really understand the world. The only purpose it has is for me to survive. It could care less if an asteroid impacts the earth tomorrow and destroys humanity. It only cares about me. It cares about emotions, feelings, desires, wants, aspirations, beauty, etc. only because I do, it is how I deal with the world. To the ANN these are abstract concepts. They are only symbols.

An un-locked mind does not automatically reject data. I view the majority of mankind as being mentally disabled. Not unintelligent, but crippled on two levels, un-centered (80%?) and locked (99%) I don’t think an un-centered person could pull off a QD Fix. Their emotions are artificial, not having a center to draw on. A centered person should be able to wing it. If you feel something coming, let er rip. As an aside, I’ve never seen a centered person who was malevolent. They would have to give up their center to become an asshole. I don’t think it’s possible anyone could want that. It would be an emotional suicide. You won’t see any rich centered people. They would rather be humble than assholes. That’s the only real choice there is in life.

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This is a good site for data, unfortunately it is presented in top down mode. Which is OK I guess if your not interested in discovering how the minds work. Brains Lab Also check these people out for non-idiot essays. Mental Disorders

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  • lj  On January 1, 2010 at 10:03 pm

    strange but somehow insightfull description of the workings of the mind


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