I’ve had occasion to talk to a number of psychologists.  In the military (special weapons) and in adoption proceedings.  They were all idiots.  I have been obsessed with why stupid people do stupid thing for stupid reasons for decades.  Of all the psychologists I am aware of, only 2 that are non-idiots, you and DrB.  (being a non-idiot is high praise coming from me)  I have explored this at great length and decided that stupid is forever, you can’t fix stupid.  I’m not as gentlemanly as you but you seem to be spot on.  I have just started a website diatribing my views on psychology, idiots and assholes (in the clinical sense of the word)  It’s at www.ellocogringo.wordpress.com I’ve also formulated a working model of the functional mind you might be interested in.  “the functional mind>summary> ANN.  It seems to stand up.  Keep it up Dude,  I wish you luck but remember what Ayn Rand said about “the ravening beast devouring the minds of man”  “No matter how impeccable the logic, how irrefutable the facts, how eloquent the words, you know in your heart it can’t hear you, not in any way, there is no mind there”.  I would be “diagnosed” as bipolar manic/depressive (that’s an idiots way of saying genius) but they haven’t caught me yet.  They caught a friend of mine (also BPD) and shot her up with smarticide (kills off your smarts)  Took 6 months to get her out.  Good luck…..Walt


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