I’ve named my theory after Dorothy’s dog Toto in the Wizard of Oz. If you recall, Toto pulled back the curtain to expose the wizard. In like vein, Toto pulls back the curtain to expose the nature of the universe.

My name will have to be on the paper. While you can say “don’t know, don’t care” I can say “don’t know, don’t care” with alacrity and authority. That’s what I used to do. It allows you to side step questions you are uncomfortable with. I will still say “don’t know, don’t care” but I can address it in terms of anti-aliasing filters, frequency filters, de-multiplexing, angular momentum, sampling rate, rastoring, array transform processing, vibroseis vs sonic etc.

Keeping in mind that in the ‘scientific method’ It is only required that you produce a theory (guess) and it is up to peer review to disprove it. I’ve got a list of 200 good citations, I can get 10,000 if you want.

The major premise is “time is an artifact” that’s your job, I’m not good at psycho-babble

The minor premise is “The method is the inverse Fourier transform” that’s my job, I’m good at it.

The conclusion is “Wow!!” it’s open, anything is possible.

I can’t imagine anyone challenging the Toto theory, even idiots. (I’m assuming that 2+2=4 is still true, or have I missed something in my reclusion?) It would be a career ending move. There is a whole industry built around application of the Fourier transform. There will certainly be many “how” questions. They will “Be addressed in subsequent papers”. And sit back and watch science (in it’s present form) implode.

I’ve even got a show and tell that demonstrates the translation.

There is a concept in peer review called the seminal paper. The seed from which the oak tree grows. (or in this case a whole forest) It is only necessary to posit a theory in a paper. Anyone who draws from this seminal paper without citing you will be discredited (you do have to be careful about that)

Adding too much detail will slow it down.

In short, just make it bare bones with the theory clearly defined, and stick out your chin and say “hit me with your best shot”

Be careful with the spell checker, el Loco Gringo is correct, as is formulae, and Fourier. (pronounced fur-ee-a) also FFT (fast Fourier transform), vibroseis (VIBration SEISmic), sonde (fr probe), Shlumberger (fr slum-burr-jay)Gremillion (fr grem-ee-yon)

Ain’t serendipity weird?

But then, I’m crazy don’t you know? Manic/depressive – often creates entire disciplines to validate his delusional concepts with an exaggerated sense of importance. Damn, how many da Vincis (or da Vincinettes to be politically correct) are incarcerated, shot up with dopazine? How many times has this been discovered and discarded? el Loco Gringo has served me well. I notice you use he/she, I use hesh (HE SHe) to emphasize that gender doesn’t matter.

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