Here you go. They’ve done all your work for you. Definitely falls into the “could be” category. It’s not really a conspiracy, as they say, but the scientific community has become “institutionalized”. The only thing they’re missing is the “how” IE the Fourier transform. No need to understand this, just skip to the summary and stay with the concepts. You must be careful to stay inside the skull. Leave the math, the cosmology, the physics etc to “people who are interested in such things”. Leave the Fourier transform to me, or give them a list of 100-10,000 geophysicists or mathematicians to check with. As I mentioned attacking the validity of the Fourier transform would be a career ending move. Kinda like “You think trigonometry’s bullshit? Pick up your final paycheck on the way out”. It’s got 300 years of peer review.

 As to “ It all makes sense, but what do we do with it?” “Aye, there’s the rub” – Shakespeare. A pugnacious tone, perhaps. Like that paper attacking the results of MRI scans by psychologists. Or the “surfer dude”, extremely simple TOE. Attack OUTSIDE your field and riposte with “not my job, check with a mathematician, (cosmologist, geophysicist, etc.) The more attacks on a Teflon coated paper, the better. ANY publicity is good, especially the bad. How about the “Toto TOE” for a name for the paper?

 I don’t think of myself as smart, other people are “dumb” IE crippled mentally. I am what should be the norm. If I can transfer a new concept from my right hemisphere to another’s right hemisphere they are “not an idiot”. Whether they agree with me or not doesn’t matter.

 I like the word Nexialist, it describes what I am perfectly.

 The enclosed disk contains “reaped” web sites. The source for the above file is in space and motion. Click on index and follow the yellow bouncing ball.

 Watch Standing Wave.flv. I’ll include a nFLV player for you.



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