03-Mans Place

Man’s Place in the Cosmos

Master of the universe? Made in image of God? Pinnacle of evolution? Nope, you’re idiots. Stooges. Losers. Disposable work units. Slaves. You have allowed your minds to be enslaved by the assholes. The mahouts tether a baby elephant with cords to a stake. When the elephant is adult it is obvious that he can snap the cord with ease, but he still remembers how it held him as a baby, so he doesn’t try. In like manner you have allowed chains to be placed on your minds and are not aware of the glorious potential of man. You don’t even try. You are pitiful.

What do you think was the reality of Waco, Ruby Ridge, Kent State? Religious nuts? Social misfits? Hippies? Nope, they went off the reservation. They opted out. They were escaped slaves.

The government is sending troops into combat with depleted uranium KNOWING it is dangerous. Fighting for freedom is like fucking for virginity. The war is about oil. Returning vets can’t get work or insurance because of a higher death rate. These people are heros and are being treated as disposable work units.

It is YOU that is the weak link in the chain.

Look what you have allowed to happen. You have destroyed my beautiful Gaia. You spread death and destruction and call it economic progress. You have sucked her tits dry. You have shit in your own nest. If you want to terminate your genetic heritage, cut your balls off or something. Don’t take me with you.

Do not assume by the mild tone of this letter that I am calm. Actually el Loco Gringo is pissed. Anyone who submits to slavery deserves it. And good riddance. Is this a call to arms? No. It’s too late for that. Fighting the good fight is a meaningless gesture. The war has already been lost.

Homo Sapiens?  Nope Homo Extinctus.

What to do? Dunno

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