In search of non-idiots.

And I found another.   Francis Heylighen Forward; I was reading your article on problems of gifted people, interesting approach.  As I understand it, you are gathering the data THEN see where it leads, as opposed to formulating an answer then seeing what evidence supports it.  (scientific method)  (Fantastic data by the way.)  I am not encumbered by formal education in the mental sciences, I am, therefore, free to think for myself.  I am, however, one of these gifted people you mentioned (or bi-polar manic depressive), and it does present real problems.  I’m mildly curious why you skipped transcendent.  Probably not a big enough data base.  I figure there are about 200 in the US.  (I’ve met three) What I’ve come up with so far is that there are a bunch of answers, all true.  I wish you luck, but I don’t think you’ll come up with a single answer.  I’ll be watching.  But most claims are BS.  There’s a guy on You tube who developed a mind model based on de-evolution and hydrolics.  Bizarre, but it holds together and makes sense.  I look forward to reading your papers.  I think that as the neuron is to the mind, the individual is to society and it would seem the web works the same way.  IE whereas the mind is basically a self-organizing mass of neurons, society is a self-organizing mass of morons, and the web is a self organizing mass of electrons.  Isn’t the web fantastic? It’s like another level of consciousness.  BTW check and compare lisi’s TOE and Plato’s dodecahedron(?) eerily similar.  Walt  wjcg at aol.com


This guys thinking mirrors my own

Letters to DrB>Here



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