is the idea that a few people should own all of the nation’s wealth. On the far end of the spectrum is socialism in which the state (allegedly for the people) owns all of the nation’s wealth. In the middle is distributism. In a distributionist system, most (ideally all the people, but some people are unable to due to age, mental/physical disability, or lack desire, etc; (‘all’ is a dangerous word) of the people privately own the vast majority of the nation’s wealth.

After these simple definitions have been gotten out of the way, it is clear where the US currently lies. A very small group, the “capitalists” own the vast majority of the nation’s wealth in this country. To pretend otherwise is almost unthinkable.” –  Brian Douglass


People look at mechanisms like markets, competition, rewards for success and see a lot of good in them. But those mechanisms are not capitalism. Those mechanisms have existed in almost every kind of society.

You have a capitalist system when most of the economy is controlled by a life-or-death game to “maximize capital.” In a capitalist system that game will often dismantle or corrupt markets, eliminate competition and pervert rewards systems so that even people who are destroying the planet can win the biggest rewards. It even gets so chaotic sometimes that people who are destroying capital (instead of maximizing it) get the biggest rewards.

I have a difficult deciding where to put this. Everything is so interconnected. I’ll try greed. The above image shows one view. IE piss on the peasants. Another view is to stuff the horse with so many oats that enough pass through for the sparrows can pick the seeds out of the shit. How does it work? A simple example is the game “assholes and presidents”. Another is; pick any rummy type game, (the game doesn’t matter, as you’ll see). Add one additional rule, the cards are dealt face up. The high score picks first and the low score last. If it is a passing type game the high score can pass off his worst cards and the low score must pass off his high cards. Or, only the high score can play trump. Or, the high score can “do over”, IE if he loses a trick, he can pull his card and play another. Or if he loses the game, he can ”take points” from the other players and continue the game. He is “too big to fail” (that’s what the bailouts are, they gambled with your money and lost)

Money is just paper. Stock is just paper. How can anyone think that swapping pieces of paper around on wall street can cause corn to come out of the ground, or fish out of the sea?, or automobiles out of the factory. That’s magical thinking. It’s a con, pure and simple.

Any ruler who tried to inject honesty into the system has been assassinated. If you do manage to acquire something of worth, they take it. ex. Gold by FDR.

It is a system. Picture a mountain top with a giant lake at the top. When it rains the lake will overflow, run down the rivers to the sea, evaporate, form clouds and rain into the lake. BUT IF YOU BUILD A DAM THEY WILL TEAR IT DOWN.

The unstated platform of both parties is to continue and enhance this wealth concentration. The democrats are like muggers, they just stick a gun in your ribs and take your money. The republicans are like sneak thieves, they use hidden tricks. At every election they pontificate about the evils of the other party.

The sad thing is,

They are both right

The “New World Order” is to expand this control. They’ve fucked us as much as possible, time to fuck everyone. This happens because people are dumb. Peasants are, after all, only peasants.

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