mo’ Enemy

DrB 4/26/2010
I put my model for how the mind works on one page. WOW!!!  Try explaining that in English.
Understand that psychology, is only a small part of my interest, which I suppose could be loosely described as man’s relationship with the universe (so far, it may change)  I am at present dipping into the psychology basket to further my understanding.  My model representation is to be considered only a tool I use to satisfy my particular needs,  specifically, to understand the TMI Block and more generally why people put things in baskets making the data difficult to retrieve.  The hole in the soul concept came from the spirituality basket.  The taboo came from the zoology basket.  The QD Fix came from the anthropology basket.  The wolf came from the finance basket.  The beast came from the ethics basket.  Why must there be baskets when discussing human nature?  None of these things make sense without considering the others.  The illogical contortions you have to go through without considering all the data is monumental.  All of the data is there, it’s just in different baskets.
Consider the following logic train;
Germans drink more beer than Americans or English and have less heart attacks
French drink more wine than Americans or English and have less heart attacks
Japanese drink more saki than Americans or English and have less heart attacks
Conclusion; Speaking English causes heart attacks
Saki, Wine and Beer are in different baskets and so not considered
It is insanity.  It is self mutilation. This insanity exists in each of the soft baskets.  It takes someone who is unlocked to skip across these baskets and pull out the relevant data.  It takes someone who is centered to restore reason within each basket.  Idiots and assholes just screw things up.
And we haven’t even discussed the commons, justice, education, parenting, values and others I haven’t thought of..
So far I’ve figured out the following aspects of the beast
Who=Everyone has it
What=Rejection of facts and logic
How=Algorithms field forbidden data
When=Neolithic earliest known instances
Where=Soft Sciences
Why=Taboo on pride
During the invasion of Iraq, Bill O’reilly asked a tank commander if there was anything the troops needed.  After pondering for a minute the commander responded “mo’ enemy”. That’s what I got.
So many assholes, so little time



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