I am constantly aware of windows in life.  Big windows, little windows, transitory windows.  For instance, the window of life opens at birth and closes at death.  While the window is open, I AM.  When it closes I am not.  This particular window opened some 70 years ago, and is now closing.  And the time of closing is getting nearer.  I don’t mean I’m getting closer to it but that it is getting closer to me.  I have HOCM, which essentially means that as I age my pulse rate goes up and the trigger for the HOCM goes down.  I could be the oldest person on earth with HOCM, most die in their teens.  It is a genetic defect in which the genotype dd is dominant.  So this window is closing from both ends.  But a new window has opened, epigenetics.  But this window is being closed by the life window.  HOCM is sometimes known as athletes heart.  When you hear of a teenager, in the prime of health dying on the football field of a heart attack, that’s HOCM.  Usually this is first sign that you have the disorder.  All that would be required to prevent this type of needless death would be to include genetic typing on the physical for everyone entering sports.  WHY ISN’T IT BEING DONE?  Because people are dumb.  When I had my stent operation I was also acting as the test subject for an experiment to determine the effects of anathesia on memory.  I was wired to measure my physiological responses.  There is a complete set of data showing exactly what happens when someone with HOCM dies.  This data is invaluable.  YET NO ONE CARES.  Because people are dumb.  Statins almost killed me.  WHY DID NO ONE CHECK THE DATA?  Because people are dumb.  How did someone who only has a personal interest in proprioceptors become the only “expert” on the subject?  NOBODY CARES. Because people are dumb.  Half of the people in wheelchairs are dying a slow death that is easily preventable.  WHY?  Because people are dumb.  What has started out as a paper on windows has turned into a diatribe on dumb.  I’ll come back later.

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