Wrap your head around this Mr Geoff

Think of the frequency domain as right mind

and the time domain as left mind

The left mind interprets the perception of the right mind and throws away a dimension.

The freq axis is reality, the time axis is artificial.




Download SWF file here:


View of the relationship between the frequency domain and the time domain.


Another view of the freq/time domain relationships


In this visualization the freq domain is shown in 2 dimension.  Turn sound, log and mag on.  Notice the discordance in any but the sine and triangle wave.  Notice on the triangle wave the do, re, mi fa, so, la, ti, do as the number of elements goes from one to whatever.  There’s your beat of 8 dude, or your eightfold way of the universe, or the miracle of music or whatever you want to call it.  Everyone thinks the top graph is reality, in fact it’s an interpretation of the second graph.



The unANN use 1 source, borders, quite accurate representation of a 3 dimensional process in 2 dimensions.  Input from the ANN at the top which “puffs?” it.  I even shows how memories, concepts, input is assimilated and absorbed into the chaotic matrix.

To visualise stupid, start ripple, check 3d, rotate till the input faces you, This is stupid, check borders, this is smart.  Stupid has no individuation.

Ripple 2 slot

This is how it works synthetication of motion

Celllular Automata

Now here’s an idiot, key my ass.  The scientific method reduces discovery to guesses?  Why can’t they just gather the data and see where it leads?  >Key to Science

Prospecting StanfordFourier SSG SEG

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