My subconscious ain’t all that sub. IE I am consciously aware of the workings of my subconscious in the sense everyone is aware of the conscious. (in the west) So I’ve got a pretty good idea of what is happening in the right hemisphere. ( I think) The subconscious is not very smart, although it has enormous collating and storage capabilities. I view it as having the temperament and intelligence of a puppy, eager to please me. (conscious) It does, indeed, work in timeless symbols. For instance; I was discussing with DrB the possibilities of using the QD fix in therapeutic fashion when the image surfaced of fingers tickling a brain IE Humor (and the sideslip) is tickling the mind, catching the brain off guard, (should have been using the bottom up rather than the top down, for instance) This switchover has been timed at .47 sec. The brain has been tricked, and it loves it.

To my conundrum, my subconscious knows things I don’t and do not have any way of knowing. An example of this would be Francis Crick who got the image of intertwining snakes and realized the structure of DNA. I find it correlates also with the caduceus. Hmmm!

I kept getting a musical “asbestosopra”. Knowing my subconscious can’t spell for squat, doing some research I came up with “a besta supra” (phonetic) which roughly translates as “over (above) inheritance” . (epigenitics?) googling this phrase came up with the paper I on a study concerning the role epigenetics plays is cultural imprinting. (paradigm shift)

Setting aside for the moment the fact that I can’t speak Italian, (interesting in itself) where did this information come from? While not ready to accept a collective consciousness, uber mind or cosmic brain, something is happening I don’t understand. While my research indicates a lot of speculation, the bulk of it is BS but a significant minority seems valid. <Intuition?>

Or I could be full of it, I am crazy don’t you know.



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