12-The Artistic Mind


The Last Bastion of Creativity

The openness of the arts, their unwillingness to impose closure are not stances of superficiality or indifference to the complexity or to the ethical and philosophical importance of some of the questions at stake. On the contrary, they are fresh, alternatives and resourceful resistance to a prevailing neurosolipsism that seems to eclipse or disregard interpretations of society and various aspects of human life based on a plurality of accounts in favor of reductionist explanations of brain functioning alone. Some of the original, at times whimsical, artistic representations of personhood, consciousness and behavioral manifestations remind us that these are all polymorphic phenomena shaped by biological substrata as well as layers of culture and social norms and practices. “ – Neuroculture

Well, yeah, that and they’re not crippled by the lattice. Islam however, has a taboo on depiction of life in art. But they have expanded into new art forms like decapitation and bombing. Personally, I’ve always considered flatulence an art form. Le Petard Luna would get standing ovations for his performance of the 1812 overture. It is becoming popular again with the new crop of artists such as Mr. Methane and The Breakwind Kid. An acolyte group with nationwide chapters has formed “The Royal Order of The Blue Flame”

Farts burn with a blue or yellow flame. A blue flame is indicative of the presence of methane in the flatus. Since only one-third of the population consistently produce methane to begin with, an exclusive club called the Royal Order of the Blue Flame has since been established.” – Keeper of the Flame.

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