Lupus logic fail

“Top down thinking is a process of elimination, bottom up thinking is a process of aggregation” – el Loco Gringo

People think backwards.

How anyone could think it possible to discover new concepts using top down thinking baffles me. It is a logic flaw to start from a conclusion and work your way back to the question. How can people think that this is creativity? Top down thinking concentrates on what it ain’t, not what it is. This is why I don’t think of myself as smart, I think of other people as dumb. I was just listening to someone babble on about research he is doing on lupus. According to “experts” lupus can only be contracted by people with 2 X chromosomes, IE women. Why then do men get lupus? His thought process is limited by having a goal IE lupus as a woman’s disease. NO!!! lupus is a condition. The concept of lupus as a disease is bullshit. Let me explain. If you’re going to use top down thinking, at least apply it properly, in a process of elimination.

90% of lupus victims are women. (Not gender related)

60% of lupus victims have the Epson-Barr virus (Epson-Barr doesn’t cause it)

30% of lupus victims have DNA de-methylation (Nope, that’s not it either)

In the best of circumstances you have at least two separate causes

Saying that 90% of lupus victims are women is like a woman being 90% pregnant. NOPE! She is or she ain’t. It’s like the dead cat paradox. You’ve got to open the box and look. Whether the cat is dead or not is not dependent on what I think. It is, or it ain’t, Period, QED, end of story. If I don’t know it’s because I didn’t open the box. And you can’t open the box with with top down thinking. Once you open the box you can say “Yup, the cat’s dead” (or not) then you can use your top down thinking and say “The cat’s dead”. Saying the cat is maybe dead (50%) is a non-starter to me.

What does this mean? It means they are clueless. The concept of lupus is bullshit. It is a word only, made up by pseudo-intellectuals so that they can fool themselves into thinking they know what is happening. It is in the same class as consumption, which basically meant “got sick and died” It did not occur to them that there are a lot of reasons people “got sick and died”. If you want to find out what is happening you start with an individual. She’s got abnormalities a+b+c and has symptoms x+y+z. By cross-correlating abnormalities and symptoms you will reach a point where you know that abnormalities a+c for instance, ALWAYS causes symptoms y+z. NOW you give it a name. Now you can call it a disease. Grumpits, for instance. But lets say that grumpits is only responsible for 20% of the people who exibited symptoms of the now discredited lupus. Well, you’ve got another disease, that once you build up the data you can name. To assume that common symptoms have a common cause is bizarre. When, and if, they do figure out what is going on, it will be in spite of not because of top down thinking. Once you find out THEN you can use top down thinking. There is a term used in computers GIGO, Garbage In, Garbage out. The concept of lupus being a disease is garbage.

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