Time Translator


Time Translator

Yeah, I Know it’s really a Lorenz transform, but it is neat isn’t it?

“Time is just the mind’s way of keeping everything from happening at once” – el Loco Gringo

Of course, in keeping with the scientific method it is necessary to look at the math.   click the image to view full size.

WOW!!! I am impressed. I fingered it out. The mind is doing a reverse 4 dimensional Fourier transform, converting the frequency domain (vector + amplitude) (what we see) to the time domain (time + amplitude) (what we perceive) IN REAL TIME (or maybe I should say real vector). This is INCREDIBLE!! The most powerful computer in the world can’t do this. We used to do forward and reverse 3 dimensional Fourier transforms. A one hour shoot would take a week on a Cray. The extra dimension would cause at least another order of magnitude increase. And that doesn’t even consider the complexity of the input. We were only doing it on sampled wavelets. I’m not sure it could be coded on a digital computer, but it shouldn’t be hard on an analog computer, but there’s no big ones. If this takes off buy some Computer Associates stock. Do you realize I’ve just explained the concept of the space/time (space/vector) continuum in ONE sentence? The human mind is POWERFUL beyond what anyone can imagine. Even me. This boggles my mind and I consider myself to have a high boggle threshold. The universe is indeed not only stranger than we imagine, but stranger than we can imagine.

I know just who I’ll tell. There is a mathematician who is devoting her career to finding what is wrong with the relativity equations. She is convinced that there is an error in the math. There isn’t (maybe) the error is in the input data. (in retrospect, it should be obvious, there are thousands of mathematicians and physicists working on the problem and all they can come up with are kluges.) I wish Einstein were still alive, or Wright. They would be delighted.

This is another of those flags. I’ve had this one since High School. The relativity theory didn’t sound exactly right. You asked where I was heading with the die. THIS was where, although I didn’t know it at the time. I was trying to get the concepts set in my mind. To wrap my head around the top down and bottom up discrepancies. This is the error in Einsteins equations.


Of course, if you’re operating in the frequency domain, you don’t need the equation. It just is.

Found Here;> http://www.numerix.co.uk/dspintro.html

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