Why would you want to ponder anything? Unless there are time constraints, of course. It’s a waste of your awake time. Let the ANN handle it, that’s what its for. Your awake time is better spent watching out for lions and looking under rocks for grubs to eat. Occasionally a question will arise, that’s the ANN saying it is missing some data. NOW you do the research and allow the ANN to get back to pondering. When finished you will not only know the answer, you will understand it. The mind is POWERFUL if you don’t cripple it.

If the question is from the left hemisphere it will be in verbal form, if from the right in visual form. For instance, the image surfaced of you drawing squigglies with your left hand. The right hemisphere of the ANN wanted to know if you were left handed. I asked, the image went away.

Almost everything I am saying requires constructionist thinking. Do not try to understand or organize it as you are reading, consider it data input only. The ANN will sort it out in a manner that it can understand. AND it can do it in the background.  The left hemisphere will soon get bored trying to make sense of what it considers drivel and will let the right hemisphere take over.  The mere act of inputing data with the understanding that it will come up later, gets it past the doorman.  It becomes relevant to interfacing with the world and can be collated.  Once it is communicated and the response received, it becomes “set”.

This is the beauty of bottom up thinking, it works off-line.

Notice the eyes on the image above. I bet if the pupils were shifted to (her) right she would appear sinister (scheming). See “Left hand of ANN” and consider the implications. Left handed people are under a considerable disadvantage in our society.

Trust your bullshit detector

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