ObamaIs Obama an American?

He has yet to produce a birth certificate.  It would seem to be so simple to produce a birth certificate.   Keep in mind, the conservatives do not really care if he is an American, they care only that he is a democrat.  If the roles were reversed, so would the rhetoric be.  I only care that he is part of the kleptocracy.  I would support anyone if he were honest.  Removing Obama would only produce a vacume for another asshole to fill.  We must look at the big picture, the kleptocracy must be removed, not their stooge, There are plenty of stooges more than willing to betray America, we don’t need another.  Even if we win this battle, we are still losing the war.  The below excerpt demonstrates the nested lying.  Gary Kreep is trying to convince you that it is important that Obama may not be American.  He is trying to divert you from the real issue, IE OBAMA IS A KLEPTOCRAT.  He is bought and paid for by the elite. A stooge.    The citizenship controversy is a distraction only. If Obama has a birth certificate he will not produce it.  As long as you are distracted by the controversy you won’t look at what’s really happening.  Keep your eye on the ball folks.   Do not accept the lesser of two evils, they are equally evil.

“Recently, a liberal columnist raised the interesting question of why are these “attack dogs” so viciously going after any of those who would raise such a question. The columnist pointed out that this issue was hardly touched at all by the media during the 2008 election, despite the fact that it was brought up by then Senator Hillary Clinton and despite the lawsuit filed by Democrat activist Phil Berg on the subject. So his question was, “why now?”  In my opinion, the simple reason is that the question as to whether Mr. Obama is eligible to serve as President of the United States has become a national issue–as a result of efforts by the United States Justice Foundation and by WorldNetDaily.com. According to recent polls, over half of the public in the United States are aware of this issue, and over forty percentwant the matter resolved. As a result, these “attack dogs” have gone on the attack and are hoping to discredit, demoralize, or destroy anyone who dares raise the question.” – Gary Kreep



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