01-Dali Time

Dali Time

The function of time is the gottcha in the psychological view of the mind. It takes time to think. Imagine the proto human above walking the savannas in the rift valley 2.9 million years ago. If it assumes this posture to think for any length of time, it is lunch. When a threat is spotted it needs to MOVE. So it ended up with a brain only big enough to handle a few rudimentary defense mechanisms, and a limited ability to think when safe. Reflexes could be measured in fractions of a second, reactions in about 1/2 second. Limited responses in 3 1/2 seconds.

The above proto-human is lion lunch if he takes more than half a second to move. For this reason he has limited mental capabilities, and no need for more neurons. With the creation/evolution of wetware, the minds ability increases to allow it to index the data. This means he doesn’t have to remember the data, but only the location of the data. This increased ability allows it to use more neurons and the brain swells from 200cc to 2300+cc. It also allows for more sophisticated defense mechanisms without increasing the reaction time. An elegant solution indeed.

We evolved more brain capacity because we became smart.

We are not smart because we have more brain capacity.

Without the wetware the extra brain capacity would be useless.

The mind is elegant in it’s simplicity

Incomprehensible in it’s scale

And glorious in it’s implementation

Time in a bottle   Time is on my side

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