I have a self imposed limit of one page in describing a concept. I find if I don’t the concept explodes into words which obfuscate the concept. A catch 22. I examine for ambiguity in the wording, and define a word in the terms I mean. That way, “A word means what I mean it to mean, no more, no less” – Mad Hatter, Alice. One of the causes for stupidity is that people accept belief as truth, whereas it is in fact, the “best answer to date”, or “This idea seems to work for the moment” or even the less definitive “works for me” or “could be”. IE Pythagoras had the “best answer to date” for his time, as did Plato, Newton, Einstein etc. The “cosmic standing wave” is in that category, to me, it is the “best answer to date”. My observations have led me to conclude that the universe is “vibrations with a circular component and a beat of 8”. (call them waves if you want, or rarefactions, or frequencies, or oscillations, the word is not the concept) In like manner the math is not the physics. It is also negentropic but we’ll set that aside for the moment. With that in mind, I’m going to learn you something. (remember I use learn as a transitive verb, I present data, tell you what I think it means, and invite questions, comments, challenges etc. I may be a boor, but I’m a smart boor. “Your theory is crazy, but it’s not crazy enough to be true” – Neil Bohr. So lets take a walk down the epiphany path. It has long been recognized that sound is an artifact as is color (as is time, but we’ll set that aside for the moment). In reality, they are only continuous frequencies as viewed through our senses. I worked in the geophysical industry for some years, using the Fourier transform to translate the time domain into the (imaginary) frequency domain. We did this because there is more information in the frequency domain than the time domain. (Point your peepers here as I continue> ) HOW CAN THIS BE? How can a map of Perth contain more information than the city of Perth? How can the score to Beethoven’s 5th contain more information than a live performance? How can a book on relativity contain more information than what was in Einsteins mind? It can’t. The frequency domain is reality, the time domain is imaginary. (people think backwards) Let’s pick this apart. The mind receives vibrations which it perceives in the frequency domain, which is interpreted in the time domain as a tone (in the case of one term do, on the musical scale (do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do) for a beat of 8. An octave. This tone is then quantified in the time domain and results in the sine wave. WOW!!! Ain’t this weird? This means that physicists are measuring shadows (Plato’s cave), and they’re doing it with a rubber ruler. This then is a really good visualization of your “cosmic standing wave” at least as it pertains to a “tone” in the time domain. I notice on your website you are looking for visualizations. For your amusement, I put one together for you. Find it here>


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