05-The Social Mind 1



What would Charlie do?

Introducing the metaphorical Charlie Chimp.  He is on the cusp of becoming human, living in a world full of new and dangerous things.  Having recently abandoned his arboreal existence, he now wanders the savannas of Africa with his mate Polly Protohuman.   The behavior patterns he learned in the jungle no longer are effective on the open savanna.  “A-hah! He says, I’ll evolve an ANN that can control algorithms.  That way I’ll be able to deal with these new threats in a timely manner”.   It is necessary to consider the anthropological origins of our behavior to understand why we behave as we do.  After all, it is one thing to chuck rocks across a stream at a rival clan, it is quite another to chuck ICBMs across an ocean at a rival clan.  Just as Charlie no longer lives in the jungle, we no longer live in the paleolithic.  But we act as if we do.  Heres a link to download naked ape.  Still a good book.


Naked Ape   Chimp Fight

Our Precious Mind   Synergy   Beast   p-Zombie   Assholes&Idiots   Matriarchy   QD Fix

Left hand of ANN   Uber Mind   Type Zero   Ayn Rand   Key to ANN    M&M’s   Bogart



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