00-Cognitive Testing

Cognitive Testing

The Intelligence Quotient test has been refined over the years so as to measure the ability of ones ability to score well on IQ tests. It has become so polluted with circular reasoning as to render the word intelligence meaningless. The basic flaw with the tests is that it measures only the ANN and does not factor in the indexed algorithms which can access the unANN, nor the unANN’s collating ability. I suppose it’s OK for measuring the mind of a chimp, or a psychologist at Stanford, if anyone is interested. But it’s totally useless for measuring SNAP. (SynchronousNeural AccessPotential (overall cognitive ability))

Rosarch test Do you really want a comment on this? OK ridiculous

MMPI Michigan Multi-phasic Personality Inventory now here is a rose among the weeds. Developed to separate the dangerous from the non dangerous prison inmates it actually is separating the assholes from the idiots. If applied to the general population it would also separate out the centered. A well thought out, logical methodology. I particularly like the “speed bumps”. Much like the QD Fix’s sideslip. Awesome.

Rote testing shapes, numbers, sequences etc. should probably be called dumb tests The more intelligent mind will rebel sooner than the dull. A chimpanzee will score higher on this test than a human.

Smart Chimpanzees

StanfordStanford Graduating Class, Psychology

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