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Does Atenolol Cause Lucid Dreams?

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“Hi Tee
Absolutely – atenolol is very guilty of causing vivid dreams.  I used to take it and the effect was spectacular sometimes. Nearly all beta blocker drugs are prone to doing that but atenolol is probably the worst of them.”  – Hope this helps Gordon

Atenolol doesn’t Cause the lucid dreams, so much as allow them to be remembered.  It makes sense that any dreams would need to be flushed so as not to be confused with reality.  These are the little snippets of weirdness we recall upon awakening, just random symbolic pieces of the dream.   But the symbolism for the resolution (of the dream) remains.  For instance, my personal symbol for danger is a cliff.  A picture frame means “look at this”.

Interestingly, the guy that got the Nobel for discovering the structure of DNA had a vivid dream of intertwined snakes.




He was able to relate this to the caduceus and realized the structure of DNA.  Don’t dismiss lucid dreams, you may get a nobel.

Of the various “dream analysis” books I have looked at the symbols are not the same as mine.  This makes sense, as the mind is indeterminate.  IE no two people should have the same set of symbols.

Several years ago I began taking Atenolol for a heart condition and began experiencing these lucid dreams.  For the most part they’re boring, merely iterations of a problem with various issues and the effects of various solutions.  (Maybe I shouldn’t have told the boss he’s full of shit)  In short, I think everyone has lucid dreams, they just don’t remember them.

However some of these dreams have themes, speculation if you will.  I don’t so much control the dreams as interact with them.  For the most part, I’m content to watch and see what unfolds.

I will begin uploading the dreams, verbatim, to the website.  I have inserted images close to those I have in the dreams.  The culmination of these dreams is a vision of possible societies.

Each dream has a subjective length of 20 minutes.  Sometimes the dreams are contiguous, (a dream picks up where the former left off), sometimes continuous, (a dream continues while I’m not in it. (there are gaps) And I have to ask one of the characters what has happened in my absence.

Oddly, all of the themes and the major characters names begin with the “K” phoneme.  Listed in order the themes are; Crypt, Chaos, Chloe, Camp, Colony, Colorado, Kansas, Cosmos.  Major characters are; Cougar Lou, Corporal, Kaki, Kathy


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Atenolol Dreams

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