07-Epiphany Express

The Epiphany Express

I board the Express at Birthville.  As I grow, I learn of the various marvels of the different landings along the way, the promises and perils thereof and how to deal with them.  When I disembark at whatever landing appealed to me I find that I have just left the Jesus saves car.  As the express pulls out I notice that there are many cars.  Allah is almighty, Buddha brings peace, I’ll make you rich  They’re all heathen, of course, we learned that in the Jesus saves car, we know the TRUTH.  Maybe the landing we chose meets our expectations, or…………….., maybe not.  If not, we may decide to try another landing, perhaps traveling in a different car.  There are more people getting off than getting on, the passenger list continues to shrink.  The brave among us may go through the door between the cars labeled FORBIDDEN.  The reckless may wander the length of the train seeking the real TRUTH.  I go to the front of the train to find out who’s driving this thing.  I open the door marked TABOO.  It is me.  It is truth.  I look back, the cars have been decoupled.  It is MY truth.  We are alone.  We understand now that we will never reach Epiphany, there is only the journey. – el Loco Gringo  

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  • michael j contos  On April 27, 2010 at 12:10 am


    What an ending. Let me jump on this train and simply watch the passengers go to and fro. Who needs a ticket for a destination? It’s the ride that counts, doesn’t it?

    michael j

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